Another day, another Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann’s marriage revelation. Lucky for Kim, she’s no longer on Real Housewives of Atlanta to put her drama on display – but she’s also not getting paid for what would be her biggest storyline.

Kim and Kroy have gotten back together to give their marriage another shot. But before the reconciliation, the Relationship had broken down in the worst way. They were constantly calling the cops on each other and slinging hurtful accusations. In body cam footage recently released, Kim detailed her latest fear to police. Radar has the details.

“This is not the man that I married”

While Kim might be genuinely fearful, or laying the groundwork for a future court case, it is a valid worry for athletes. She is concerned Kroy may be suffering from some type of traumatic brain injury as a result of playing in the NFL. And thus, his actions might have been impacted.

When officers responded to Kim and Kroy’s home after a fight in May, Kim revealed a somewhat shocking suspicion. She was speaking with an officer in her walk-in closet, as we all do. Kim began telling the guy Kroy is ALLEGEDLY struggling with “mental illness” and his mental status is quickly going downhill.

That said, anyone locked in a home with Kim and constant fighting would most likely see their mental health decline. Kim said, “Can I tell you it makes me sad to say this but he’s not right.” At that time she gestured with her finger towards her temple. In a hushed voice, Kim added, “I swear on my kids, this is not the man that I married.”

Let’s be very clear, while Kim has a medical background in nursing, she is in no way qualified to make any potential diagnosis for her husband’s mental state. And we should remember this was a very contentious time for the Couple.

“Physically and verbally abusive”

Kim wasn’t done. She asked the officer if he recalled Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman, Shane Dronett. In an extremely unfortunate turn of events, Shane committed suicide after battling rage, confusion, and paranoia. Upon autopsy, it was found Shane was dealing with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This ailment is found in rough sports like boxing, football, or combat-related activities. The only official diagnosis is found after death.

Kim said, “He [Shane] was a friend of mine.” The cop subsequently asked if CTE tests were being performed on Kroy. “No! That’s the f—- problem,” she replied. Then she explained an incident where she was on a massage table of all things when Kroy allegedly went into a rage. “My husband is like f— you! f— you! you f—— b…-!”

Further, during one 911 call Kim told the operator he was having a mental health crisis.
“He’s physically and verbally abusive. Hate to bother you and I’m so sorry, but it is getting crazy and out of hand. …he’s mentally ill ma’am.”

Kroy has not commented on the speculation.


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Some Real Housewives aren’t above fibbing.

Kim and Kroy had some big issues.

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There was definitely some divine intervention here.

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