The drama over the campfire was super hot during the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Gina Kirschenheiter was roasted over the flames by Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow when she involved herself in their IMDB feud. Gina tried to convince Heather that Tamra insulted her acting career, not Taylor Armstrong. That backfired spectacularly when Heather took Tamra’s side over Gina’s and they told her to mind her own business.

The roasting continued when Tamra threw Jennifer Pedranti’s Relationship with Ryan Boyajian into the fire. Tamra blurted out that Ryan had wanted to hook up with her before he started Dating Jenn. Tamra had also seen a d*ck pic that Ryan had sent to another woman. While Jenn shut it down, Gina ran around like a house on fire hyperventilating about Jenn’s infidelity. Heather grabbed the nearest bucket of water to throw on Gina. And the night was just getting started!

Let’s smoke a joint

As Heather patted Gina dry, Gina agreed with Heather’s assesment that she hadn’t dealt with her feelings about her divorce. They hugged it out even though Gina said she smelled like a fish. And speaking of fish, the trout and bison were finally ready to be served. Over dinner, Heather lit up a joint and made it her mission to chill everyone out. There wasn’t enough weed or alcohol to get anyone to change their minds about sleeping under the stars, so the group went back to their villa. To my surprise, chef Shannon Beador did not whip up any pizzas upon their return.

I don’t know what kind of weed Heather bought, but Shannon ended up in Tamra’s bed at five in the morning because she saw an animal wandering around in her room. Maybe just stick with the tequila next time. Jenn called Ryan and dished their plans for the day were to go white water rafting or fly fishing. She did not dish however on the drama that ensued last night. Jenn decided this was a conversation best had in person because Ryan would lose it. The question was, would Ryan lose it because he was guilty or because it’s all lies?

Fly fishing and freeballing

It was all about fly fishing for Shannon, Gina, and Heather. They met their instructor Butch who had them put on waders to go out into the water. Heather heard “waiter” and immediately snapped her fingers for a glass of champs. One would think that Shannon would be the first to go down walking over the rocky river bottom, but it was Gina who took the prize. No one caught any fish, so the ladies waded back to shore and screamed as they each tripped into the water.

The screaming continued over with Tamra, Taylor, and Jenn. The ladies were not sold on putting their lives into the hands of their 20-something guide Kevin, but they took off anyway. It didn’t take long for their raft to go into a tailspin over the rapids as the ladies were too busy screaming to paddle than actually paddling. Kevin also provided a distraction from the task at hand as he was freeballing under his shorts. This clearly inspired Taylor’s wish for spaghetti and meatballs for lunch.

The peach and the pit

And now it’s time for the Real Housewives tradition of the peach and the pit. Shannon went first and said her high was reconnecting with Tamra, and her low was the imaginary creature scampering in her room at five in the morning. Heather said her high was shoveling horse manure because it reminded her how hard everyone worked. The group was impressed and nodded in agreement. Then Heather said “everyone had their place in the world.” And just like that Heather lost them. Heather also lost points when she said her low was feeling left out from Tamra and Shannon’s friendship. 

Flatiron gate was now in full effect. Heather stopped by to borrow a flatiron but Tamra and Shannon didn’t let her in. In their confessionals, Tamra and Shannon called BS. Tamra said it was jealousy on Heather’s part, and Shannon said they did give her the flat iron. Shannon told Heather she was offended this was her low as she just announced how hard it was for her and Tamra to reconnect. Tamra was also surprised this took precedence over the IMDB feud with Taylor.

Taylor took that as her cue to share her low was not appreciating Heather coming over to help her rehearse for the movie. Heather huffed she was very busy ordering her assistants to pack up her kids boxes for college so Taylor should have been grateful she made time to come over. Looks like the feud will continue!

Jenn said her high was forging new friendships with the group. I’m not sure what friendships she’s forged other than with Emily Simpson, who wasn’t even there. Jenn said her low was her situation was a trigger for Gina. No hate for Tamra! Well done, Jenn. Gina cried and said she hadn’t fully processed what happened to her. Heather jumped in and worried how long Gina’s boyfriend Travis Mullen would put up with her issues. That comment left Gina questioning whether Heather was really her friend.

Serial cheater on the loose

Emily and her daughter Annabelle were on yet another modeling shoot. Emily is happy to support her daughter’s dreams and would love for them to be the next Yolanda Foster and Gigi Hadid. There’s just one problem. Emily’s husband Shane Simpson is only five foot seven. Supermodel genes might not be in Annabelle’s future, but Emily is very tall so there is hope yet!

Tamra was back on the OC trail with her husband Eddie Judge. Tamra decided it was now or never and told Eddie that Ryan had pointed at her and said he wanted to sleep with her. Eddie spilled the tea that he had heard from someone Ryan had a reputation of going after married women and to keep an eye on his wife. Tamra was worried for Jenn but said that people can change. Eddie shut it down and said serial cheaters don’t change. Once a cheater, always a cheater. 

D*ck pics for all!

Shannon’s dog Archie has a new cute rival with Ryan’s dog Maverick. No doubt Ryan considers himself a maverick in the relationship department. And this was just what Jenn wanted to bring up. Jenn informed Ryan of the rumors Tamra told her. And despite what Jenn thought, Ryan did not lose it. Instead, he blinked 40 times and stutter-laughed, “Wait, what?” Not convincing, Ryan! 

Jenn said the drama stemmed from Heather Amin. Ryan called Heather bananas, but I say she is an orange and deserves to be a full-time cast member. Jenn was shocked as Heather was a “sister” to Ryan. Do people normally send their sister a d*ck pic? Ryan cleared that up when he said he accidentally sent the picture to his whole address book. Sure, Jan. Jenn also dished she had an ace up her sleeve on Tamra and Eddie’s relationship, but was holding it for later. All was well for now and Jenn, Ryan, and Maverick pulled in for a group hug.

Over a $70 freshly delivered Pho dinner, Gina lamented to Travis about the trip to Montana. She was upset that Heather wasn’t the friend she thought she was when Heather told her not to complain to Travis about her divorce. While Travis assured Gina that she should talk to him anytime, his face said otherwise as he was so ready to dive into his noodle bowl. Gina now felt that she was the one having a one way friendship with Heather, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Someone send Maverick over to give Gina a hug!

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