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David Bromstad

HGTV is pushing its luck by betting on the continued success of its David Bromstad-hosted series “My Lottery Dream Home”. The network announced in a July 12 press release that the series is slated to return for its 14th season on Friday, August 11, at 9 p.m. Eastern. As with the rest of the series, the upcoming season sees Bromstad traveling around the country to help lucky lottery winners (many of whom have winnings exceeding $2 million, according to the press release) purchase their dream homes.

According to the release, the premiere episode will showcase Bromstad’s trip to Richmond, Virginia to help find a dream home for a Couple of new lottery winners whose son and daughter-in-law were already featured on the show after their own big win.

David Bromstad Shares Behind the Scenes Clips from ‘My Lottery Dream Home’

Bromstad is always seen to be having fun and goofing around while filming “My Lottery Dream Home”, never failing to make his clients laugh in the process. In April 2023, the HGTV star shared a video montage of behind-the-scenes moments, writing, “Here some behind the scenes goofiness of me and my squad being delightfully weird and fun!!!” in the post’s caption.

The video included clips of Bromstad making silly faces and doing weird voices for the cameras, running around the set between takes, and even knocking over his iced coffee while at a café with two of his clients. The running theme behind all of the moments was the joy between Bromstad and his production team, something fans were quick to notice and point out in the comment section.

“When I win the lottery I am coming to meet you best friend ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️” one user wrote.

“I have to win the lottery so I can spend time with David! 🥰 😍” another fan added.

“Hey,,,,,just had surgery yesterday and been watching your show all evening, thanks for making me smile! 💜 u!!!” a third fan commented.

Bromstad’s personability is a recurring note from fans of the show. After one Reddit user posted a question to an HGTV discussion page in June 2023, asking, “Do the people who appear on ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ get anything out of it?” another fan responded, answering, “I always think the chance to hang out with David for a couple days is a reward itself”, which sparked another conversation about the host, with one user adding, “Sometimes I’m a more jealous of this than of the lottery money lol. I just don’t understand how a guy is so relentlessly upbeat and sweet.”

Where to Watch ‘My Lottery Dream Home’?

While re-runs of “My Lottery Dream Home” often air Fridays on HGTV, fans can also stream the series online in one of two ways. The first is through the streaming platform discovery plus which includes shows from HGTV, Food Network, and TLC, among other channels. The other option is Max (formerly HBO Max), the fellow Warner Bros. Discovery-owned platform that includes many of the same shows as discovery plus in addition to a great deal of the former HBO Max catalog.

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