We’re hearing a lot of buzz about what might be happening with Ariana Grande and her new beau Ethan Slater. Are they for real? Will they last? That kind of thing. But how’s his wife doing? Where does she go from here?

The news of Ari’s separation from hubby Dalton Gomez led immediately to the spotlight shining on her love life yet again. But we all expected maybe some online flirtations, thirst posts, that kind of thing. Not a full-blown Affair with her MARRIED Wicked co-star! But that’s exactly what was going on, apparently. We’ve since heard they were pretty carefree about the whole thing on set, too. Brazen.

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Supposedly Ethan, previously known best for The SpongeBob Squarepants Musical and heretofore best known for this hot mess, realized it was all going to come out last week. And THAT is when he broke the news to his Mrs. that he would rather be the next ex-Mr. Grande instead.

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While sources tried to sell that they had already split before the on-set romance, we’ve since heard she was completely Relationship/”>blindsided by the whole thing. She went from being happily married to being told it was over, and just like a week later he was filing for divorce! Damn. He threw cold water on her dreams like she was the Wicked Witch.

So what now for Lilly??

A source close to the suddenly single mom told ET she was “devastated” — not the first time we heard that exact word used to describe it. The insider also said she’s feeling lost as “this is not the future she had in mind.” They said:

“She’s doing her best to get back on her feet. She’s incredibly smart and driven.”

Hopefully she can find a second wind the way the other Ariana has. The innocent one.

Obviously Lilly’s first priority is going to have to be the son she and Ethan were supposed to raise together. The source adds that “she is truly the best mother.” Maybe when she gets through all this she’ll find a man who she can really rely on.

Meanwhile Ethan’s friends are apparently worried about him in all this! A source told Us Weekly his inner circle are afraid Ariana will “break his heart” as he goes charging headlong into this. Frankly if that happens he’ll only have brought it on himself. Not like Lilly — to whom he better not come crawling back!

How would YOU react to your partner suddenly leaving you for a huge star??

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