Selena Gomez Praises “Special” Francia Raísa Amid Feud Rumors

Selena Gomez loves her pal Francia Raísa like a love song, baby. 

The singer proved she’s still close with her longtime friend—who donated a kidney to her in 2017—by sharing a sweet birthday message to Francia on July 26.

Selena, 31, posted photos on Instagram that showed the pair enjoying a breezy ride in the backseat of a convertible car and hugging while wearing glamorous attire.

“Happiest of birthdays to this special human beings,” she wrote to the 35-year-old. “No matter where life takes us, I love you.”

As for how Francia rang in her milestone birthday? She started her day with a massage before celebrating with friends at a pool party, where she rocked an orange string bikini, a sun hat and red shades. As she quipped on her own Instagram page, “If I’m not in a bikini on my birthday then it’s not my birthday.”

The How I Met Your Father star also posted footage of herself taking shots with her besties before digging into a tropical fruit platter and gold-encrusted rose birthday cakes in the shapes of “3” and “5.” Selena was not pictured in photos of the celebrations.

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