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The July 26 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County may have largely focused on Jennifer Pedranti‘s run-in with her former friend, Heather Amin, at Emily Simpson‘s pool party, but we were more intrigued by the bomb Tamra Judge dropped on Shannon Beador during a dinner Date with “the OG of the OC”, Vicki Gunvalson.

It all started when Tamra met up with Emily for drinks (before the pool party), and revealed how she and husband Eddie Judge went out to dinner with Shannon and her then-boyfriend, John Janssen. Eddie was giving Shannon and John a hard time about not living together after three years of Dating. They both said his place is too small to hold her and her daughters, but there might be more to the story. Especially because Tamra and Emily both said that Heather Dubrow shared information with them about Shannon’s Relationship — “it was concerning”, Emily revealed. “Heather has told me multiple things that Shannon has said about John that are not great.”

After Emily further shared that Gina was told the information as well, Tamra said she didn’t like the fact that Heather was gossiping about Shannon’s relationship. “It makes me feel like she’s not a good friend, and I think Shannon needs to know this,” Tamra said in her private confessional.

As we said, the ladies later got together at Emily’s pool party, but Tamra didn’t want to tell Shannon what was going on while everyone was around. So, most of the drama surrounded Jenn and Heather Amin reuniting and dealing with their own drama. Heather basically told Jenn that she only ever shared information about Ryan’s past to try and protect her. Jenn said thank you. And then, Tamra apologized to Jenn for throwing a napkin in her face.

Once all the drama was out of the way, the ladies stripped down for an adult slip and slide. Most of the women wore swimsuits, but Tamra proudly went down the slide topless.

Then, in the final scene of this week’s episode, Tamra met up with Vicki and Shannon for a dinner date. And that’s when Shannon discovered that Heather may have been discussing her relationship issues with John Janssen. “Don’t bring it up,” Shannon begged Tamra, as she quickly realized that Heather shared bad things she had said about John. Then, Shannon got up from the table, went over to the show’s producers, and said, “That’s going to destroy [my relationship] if that comes on the air. So if they’re going to start talking about my relationship, that’s not okay … My relationship is over if this is on the air”. The rest is to be continued.

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