Taylor Swift is one sneaky gal. The singer has been hiding inside a janitor’s cart to surreptitiously travel to the stage during her Eras Tour, and if that’s not a clever entrance, we’re not quite sure what is. Rumors have been swirling about Swift employing the tactic since her latest concert series kicked off last month, but numerous fan videos confirmed the theory this week.

Seeing as Swift isn’t one to half-ass things, this isn’t just any ol’ cleaning trolley we’re talking about here. The giant box on wheels is adorned with two pink stripes and topped with an array of brooms and mops to really make it believable. Several viral TikTok clips show two team members rolling the cart from her dressing room, up a ramp, and to an area behind the stage, where Swift pops out in a sparkly bodysuit and knee-high booties to kick off her show with a rendition of “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince.”

Now that Swift’s unconventional mobile hiding spot has been revealed, we have many follow-up questions. First and foremost, is there a chair inside the cart, or is she simply squatting with her hands braced against the sides? Also, what’s she up to during her nightly cart rides? Perhaps listening to music to amp her up? Scrolling through TikTok? Reciting preshow personal affirmations? And seeing as Swift’s fans are now well aware of the famous cleaning cart’s purpose, will her team devise another tactic for delivering her to the stage undetected?

We’re calling it now: Swift’s janitor’s cart will be a top Halloween costume choice for in-the-know Swifties this year. Just paint a cardboard box black, cut out holes for your arms and feet, attach a few brooms, and you’re good to go. Read ahead to see videos of the tour’s breakout star in action.

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