Is Camilla going to be crowned as ‘Queen’ at King Charles’ coronation? DETAILS inside

The first glimpse of the 6 May coronation indicates the title transition from ‘Queen Consort’ to the official use of ‘Queen Camilla’. The illustrated invitation is sent to about 2,000 guests and is from ‘King Charles III and Queen Camilla’. A new official photo of King Charles III and Queen Camilla was also released.   

The invitation for coronation which is printed for 6 May on recycled paper marks a change in how Camilla is titled. Here is everything that we know about the title change of Camilla from Queen Consort to Queen.

6 May coronation invite

According to the reports, in the initial phase of the new reign the title of ‘Queen Consort’ was used for Camilla to distinguish her from the late Queen Elizabeth. However, the coronation seems to be an appropriate time to officially transition to the title of ‘Queen Camilla’.

The coronation service which will be held on May 6 will see Camilla getting crowned alongside the King, eighteen years after the Couple married each other. Earlier late Queen Elizabeth had given the public title to Camilla. The late queen said that Camilla should be called Queen Consort even when there were suggestions that she would be known as Princess Consort.

Coronation invitation

As King Charles have been involved in environmental campaigns for many years, the artwork for the invitation makes use of the folklore figure of the ‘green man’ with the features that are made from oak leaves, hawthorn, and ivy. According to the royal source, this is the symbol of spring and rebirth to celebrate a new reign. The design of the coronation invitation also includes insects, wildflowers, and birds along with heraldic and national emblems.

For the coronation ceremony roles have also been given to children of friends and relations with eight ‘pages of honor’ announced to be involved in the ceremony.    

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