Lisa Rinna is sticking to her Aspen story. The queen of owning it addressed her feud with Kathy Hilton, saying she has no regrets over how she handled the situation on her last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After walking away from the franchise after 8 seasons, Rinna addressed Kathy’s Colorado meltdown — which was exclusively exposed on

When asked if she regrets unmasking her then co-star’s bad behavior, which wasn’t caught by Bravo cameras, Rinna said not a chance. She added that as a housewife it was her duty to talk about what happened — and took a shady swipe at Robyn Dixon from The Real Housewives of Potomac in the process.

“Here’s the thing: it sucked. All of it really sucked, to be honest with you. Do I regret it? No, because I am there to tell the truth,” Rinna said of Kathy’s Aspen tantrum when asked by E! News.

That’s when she casually took a dig at Dixon. As reported, Robyn is under fire for failing to disclose her husband Juan‘s alleged infidelity while cameras rolled last season — despite a separate cheating allegation being a topic of conversation.

“I am there to tell what happened. That’s my job,” Rinna continued. “For me to not say something, would be much similar to what’s happening over on Potomac — and that’s a whole other thing, and I don’t work that way. I don’t.”

Turning her attention back to the Kathy situation, the ex-RHOBH star stated, “Unfortunately, it wasn’t on camera, and unfortunately, it did get skewed in a way. Truth is, it happened and I told my truth and that is all I can do.”

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