Robert Downey Jr. reveals his upcoming venture; Says ‘Catch me at the local bakery…’

Robert Downey Jr. the celebrated Hollywood star is set to return to the big screens with Oppenheimer, the highly anticipated nuclear thriller. The project, which is helmed by Christopher Nolan, features the versatile actor is a pivotal role. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. took to his official Instagram handle and dropped an interesting update about his upcoming project. But hold on, the actor’s project announcement had a fun and quirky twist.

Robert Downey Jr. shares a ‘meme’ on his next project on April Fools’ day

The Marvel actor took to his official Instagram handle and shared a fun meme, which is a spoof newspaper article. In the meme, a fake newspaper named ‘Breadline’ published a story that has a hilarious headline that reads: “Robert Downey Jr. to star alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Robert Downey Jr. the Robert Downey Jr.’ story.” The celebrated Hollywood star, who shared the meme on the occasion of April Fools’ day, captioned his post: “Catch me at the local bakery…” 

For the uninitiated, the headline in the mock news report shared by Robert Downey Jr. is a reference to the actor’s dialogue in the 2008-released film Tropic Thunder, where he says “I know who I am! I’m a dude playing the dude, disguised as another dude!!”

Check out Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram post, below:

Robert Downey Jr’s work front

The popular star is playing a key role alongside Cillian Murphy in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming project Oppenheimer. The highly anticipated project, which is an autobiographical drama based on the life of the theoretical physicist J Robert Oppenheimer, the ‘Father of the atomic bomb, is slated to hit the theatres in July, this year. However, the actor’s fans are now eagerly awaiting for an announcement on his potential next outing as Tony Stark aka Iron Man, in the highly celebrated Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, chances for the same are less, as the actor bid goodbye to the role officially.

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