The upcoming episodes of popular American soap opera Affair with Audra?’,’1230681′,’https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/the-young-and-the-restless-spoilers-13-july-2023-why-are-ashley-and-tucker-setting-boundaries-between-them-1229969′,’articlepage’,’/entertainment/hollywood/the-young-and-the-restless-spoilers-18-july-2023-how-will-kyle-react-when-summer-busts-his-affair-with-audra-1230681′,’The Young and the Restless’,’Content Inline Link’,’entertainment’,’hollywood’);”>The Young and the Restless feature power moves, ulterior motives, and plenty of exciting drama. Fans of the long-running CBS series will not want to miss the episodes. Continue reading to find out the spoilers as well as highlights of the July 21, 2023, episode of The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers Highlights

Victor, played by Eric Braeden, is the patriarch of the Newman family and he makes sure to order everyone around to establish his authority. After getting fed up with his children not doing what he wanted them to do, Victor decided to proclaim his intentions in front of his family. He announced that he will be returning to take charge of Newman Enterprises.

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Adam, played by Mark Grossman, was not on board with this idea but Victor asked his other son Nick, played by Joshua Morrow, to convince his brother. Surprisingly, he managed to convince Adam and bring him on board with their father’s decision. Considering how they two rarely ever see eye-to-eye, this was surely a welcome change. How long will this last?

Now that Adam and Victor have agreed to work together, Victor has challenged them. What is this new move by the Newman senior? Is he going to give them a timeline to figure things out at Adustus Enterprises? Summer, played by Allison Lanier, has found out about the fling between her husband Kyle, played by Michael Mealor, and Audra, played by Zuleyka Silver. What made it harder for her was that he wasn’t even sorry or guilty about it.

She was trying to fix things in their marriage but now she knows there is no going back. Summer confronts Audra about the affair and while the latter may seem nonchalant she shouldn’t test the waters too much. Audra works at Newman Media, which is owned by Summer’s grandfather Victor. Causing more trouble could end up being Audra’s loss.

Chelsea, played by Melissa Claire Egan, has been having a brilliant time personally and professionally. She had been enjoying working on Daniel’s gaming platform but it seems like she is up for a little challenge. Will Chelsea decide to get back into the world of fashion? Will she quit working for Daniel and consider this new offer? Will it work for her?

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