Justin Bieber appears ‘anxious,’ spotted smoking on NYC sidewalk without wife Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber was spotted smoking while lounging on a sidewalk in New York City. The singer, who is 29 years old, was seen sitting on the ground at a building corner. His legs were up to his chin as he sat, looking agitated. Justin was also seen double-fisting a black cigarette and a black vaporizer.

Bieber was dressed in a white undershirt, light purple shorts, and a black zip-up hoodie. In addition, he was sporting a red and white checkered baseball cap along with white and yellow Nike sneakers.

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Justin and Hailey breaking up?

In a new video, Hailey just displayed her $500K engagement ring despite rumors that she and her husband have broken up. After the celebrity shared many brand-new images on social media without her musician spouse present in a single picture, rumors of marital problems started to circulate. However, after prominently showing her engagement ring in a brand-new cosmetics instructional video that she shared on Instagram, she put the rumors of separation to rest.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber debunk rumors of their split

Furthermore, earlier this month, after noticing a certain detail in one of Hailey’s recent social media posts, followers expressed concern about their marriage. Some others found Hailey’s Instagram post to be “fishy” because Justin wasn’t included in any of the images. The Rhode creator published a carousel of images depicting recent events in her life, including a picture of her holding a cherry, a picture of her dog, and a clip of fireworks. The supermodel also uploaded some photos of herself standing at an all-white party in the Hamptons, wearing a ruched white top and plenty of silver jewelry.

“Why is she active on Instagram posting pictures and Justin hasn’t posted anything since May 2 months is he okay?,” one worried fan said in the comments section. “And she hasn’t even shared a photo of herself with Justin. What gives, lady? Doesn’t your hubby share your love?” another fan wrote. “Her and Justin were in Justin’s most recent photo, but she hasn’t shared one with him? Isn’t it suspicious or what’s going on?

Hailey dispelled the rumors of a breakup by sharing a photo with Bieber and their friends.


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