Signs That Charity Lawson Will Find Love On The Bachelorette

Charity Lawson has already had quite the journey looking for love on The Bachelorette, and it looks like she may be successful in finding her end goal. The men on The Bachelorette Season 20 seem to really be in it for Charity, and most of them would do anything just to get a second alone with her. Recent seasons of The Bachelorette have not ended in success, although Charity’s season might have the potential to break the unlucky streak! These are the signs that Charity Lawson will find love on her season.

Charity’s Men Are There for the Right Reasons

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The first sign that Charity will likely find love is the fact that all of her men appear to be in it for the right reasons. Charity has a sincere group of men, who have all shown interest in her and made notable efforts to get to know her on a deeper level. In the past, contestants have joined the show for clout or to gain Instagram followers, but none of the men in Charity’s group have given off those vibes.

And while Brayden Bowers has earned the title of season villain, it cannot be said that he is really there for the wrong reasons. Brayden clearly cares for Charity and has a real connection with her, but he is unsure about how he feels regarding the process overall.

In addition to Brayden, all of Charity’s other men have also shown that they are taking part in her journey for the right reasons. A Couple stand outs so far this season have been Aaron Bryant, Joey Graziadei, and John Buresh. Even Warwick Reider, who got sent home after a very sleepy one on one Date, was there for the right reasons, but just wasn’t compatible with Charity.

Charity Already Has a Lot of Strong Connections

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Another sign that Charity will surely find love in the weeks ahead is that she already has a lot of strong connections, especially so early on. All of Charity’s men have been consistent, and none of them have initiated a breakup with her, as many contestants have done with leads in the past.

One of Charity’s strongest connections so far is Aaron, who also received the first one on one date of the season. Charity also hit it off with Brayden, who was the recipient of her first impression rose, as well as a one-on-one date in San Diego. Joey has also built a strong Relationship with Charity, after breaking the record for Bachelor Nation‘s longest kiss with her!

John is another contender, and he continues to build a stronger foundation with Charity each episode. Dotun Olubeko is also a strong connection, who received the group date rose after opening up to Charity. Finally, Xavier Bonner has also proven himself to Charity each week, and even took the initiative to knit her an adorable scarf.

The One-On-One Dates This Season Are Good Quality Time

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In the past, producers have had a habit of making one-on-one dates outrageous activities, that couples would almost never do on a real first date. However, all of the one-on-one dates from Charity’s season so far have been real life activities partners would actually partake in, which is a good sign. Through spending real quality time together and doing things they would actually do in real life, Charity is surely on the path to finding her person.

Charity’s first one-on-one with Aaron was a simple picnic, followed by the evening dinner portion. While they did have the privilege to roam around the Hollywood sign, the two really got to know one another through just having conversations. The date was successful, and its simple nature can be attributed to that.

Charity also had a meaningful one on one with Brayden, at a baseball park in his hometown of San Diego. The date meant a lot to Brayden, who was happy to tell Charity all about his hometown and memories he had growing up. And while Warwick’s amusement park date might not have gone the way he planned, this is still a great idea, as it is something couples do all the time in the real world.


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