Steph Curry‘s basketball dominance wasn’t always as guaranteed as his three-point shot.

While Curry has four championship rings, two NBA MVP titles and one upcoming NBC sitcom on his resume, the Golden State Warriors star has always felt like he’s had something to prove. (Just look at the hole in one he netted while winning the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament on July 17.)

And the 35-year-old’s dynamic rise from undersized college player to one of the sports world’s most beloved figures is the focus of Stephen Curry: Underrated, now playing in select theatres and streaming on Apple TV+. 

“The underrated mindset has always been a part of who I am,” Curry told E! News in an exclusive interview. “This documentary tells us why and shows how that mindset was developed.”

Spoiler alert: His championship mentality was fostered by his family—including his father, former NBA player Dell Curry—at a young age, with Curry noting he was given the “the ability to have the space to commit myself to my passion.”

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