NeNe Leakes’ son Bryson Bryant is in a heap of hot water. And it isn’t just regular hot water, it’s Federal hot water. During NeNe’s time on Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw her navigate previous issues with Bryson’s behavior. Now Bryson is grown and this ordeal is on a whole other level.

In early July, Bryson was taken into custody for felony possession of Fentanyl. Not only did he get busted with the bad stuff, he identified himself as his little brother, Brentt Leakes. Now we’ve learned Bryson is still behind bars because he can’t afford a lawyer and Mommy is not coming to his rescue. Radar has the details.

No help from NeNe!

Apparently, Bryson wasn’t saving much money because he was unable to properly hire suitable counsel. Thus he will be provided by one via the courts to battle his recent drug arrest. Legal docs show despite Bryson’s mom having some coins, his wallet is empty.

NeNe’s oldest son has been in the slammer since July 3. On July 5, Bryson advised the court he would require a lawyer to be appointed to him because he was “financially unable to employ an attorney.” His filing noted a box was checked for “appointment of counsel for indigent defendant.”

The documents read, “The court appoints the attorney designated above to represent the Defendant. The appointment shall remain in effect through all courts in this circuit until the case is completed, another attorney appointed, Defendant retains counsel, or further court order, Appointed counsel shall immediately contact Defendant.”

As you might know, Fentanyl is a Schedule II-controlled substance. In addition to the drug charge, Bryson was tagged with a misdemeanor “loitering/prowling” charge for wandering around a home in Georgia. Allegedly he knew the people in residence, but the police affidavit says that claim “was false.”

Additionally, since Bryson is such a lying liar face after he said he was Brentt Leakes, he was released from custody. Then he was REARRESTED when police found out his real name. New court papers show prosecution also gifted him with a charge of “giving a false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer.” In other words, this guy is in a lot of trouble.

Bryson is scheduled to appear in court before the end of July.


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