Did you know Suriya and Jyothika fought against all odds to be together and broke several cultural barriers?

Suriya and Jyothika are inarguably one of the most beloved couples in South Indian cinema. The Couple has time and again gained the love and adoration of fans. With Suriya always crediting her for his success and Jyothika repeatedly mentioning that Suriya is a great husband, the two are the definition of couple goals. 

But did you know that the couple had to face a lot of hardships to be together? Suriya and Jyothika have broken many cultural barriers to be together. With Jyothika being a Maharashtrian and Suriya being a Tamilian, their cultures and languages were completely different. But still, with effort, they made their Relationship work. 

Suriya and Jyothika fought against all odds to be together

When Suriya and Jyothika first met on a film set, the actress was not proficient in Tamil. When you look at it, what Jyothika has done is very hard. Letting go of her immediate family to settle in a completely different state with an entirely different culture and language is not an easy task. But Jyothika had the guts to fight through them all. 

Her journey has been one of grit and perseverance. On a side note, there were multiple reports that came out at the time they were in a relationship that Suriya’s family was against the marriage. But the couple stood by each other through everything. To this day, they continue to stand by one another through the highs and lows they have experienced in their respective personal and professional lives.

In every interaction they share with one another, there is so much mutual respect and warmth. Theirs is a companionship of not just love but also respect. The way they are the biggest support system for one another is truly admirable.

For the unversed, the couple has two children, Diya and Dev. They fell in love while working together on the sets of Kaakha Kaakha and have acted in plenty of films opposite one another. 

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