Latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Bob Hope is to turn to Bernice Blackstock as he learns that Wendy is cheating on him with Doctor Liam. Will Bob and Bernice finally get together?

Wendy and Doctor Liam have been having an Affair for months on the soap, behind Bob’s back. At the same time, Bob and Bernice have been trying to keep their own feelings for one another at bay – after almost kissing following a few glasses of wine.

But will the revelation that Wendy has been cheating on Bob force him into Bernice’s arms? Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Bob and Bernice lean in to a kiss on Emmerdale
Bob and Bernice have been trying to ignore their mutual attraction (Credit: ITV)

Bob’s in denial as Liam and Wendy head out

As the week begins, Liam surprises Wendy with a night away. Wendy feels guilty as she calls Bob to let him know she’ll be going away.

Having sussed that something is going on behind his back, Bob is shocked when Bernice tells him that Wendy and Liam are having an affair. But instead of believing her, he lashes out at Bernice.

Later, Bernice watches as Wendy and Liam climb into a car together, shocked at how brazen they have become.

Bob looks upset on Emmerdale, Bernice in the background
As much as he would like to, Bob can no longer ignore Wendy’s affair (Credit: ITV)

Bob faces reality

In the village, Bob sounds out Liam’s recent behaviour to Bear. He’s horrified when Bear tells him that he thinks Liam is seeing someone.

Bob is no longer able to deny the evidence before him, and strides off to make a phone call. But what will he do next?

Later, Bob tells Bernice that he knows all about the affair. He reveals that he rang the hotel to confirm that Liam and Wendy are both staying there.

As Bob despairs, Bernice looks on, wishing that she could make everything better. But will this news bring the pair closer together?

Bob looks upset on Emmerdale, Bernice looking sympathetic in the background (Credit: ITV)
Will Wendy’s affair drive Bob into Bernice’s arms? (Credit: ITV)

Bob and Bernice grow closer as Wendy calls it off

At the hotel, Liam’s devastated when Wendy calls a halt to the affair. She goes off to sleep alone in another room.

Back at the B&B, Bob finds himself tempted to join Bernice for the night. Will he and Bernice get together as his life with Wendy collapses?

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