Beyoncé’s New Perfume Will Have You Feeling Crazy in Love

This is no odour-nary update from Beyoncé.

The superstar will soon be releasing a new fragrance that she crafted and designed herself, according to her website. And the Beyhive is in for a treat, as the perfume offers a sweet and sensual blend of floral and earthy scents. The product, per the site’s description, will quite literally smell like pure/honey as it includes clementine and golden honey top notes, as well as base notes of Namibian myrrh and golden amber.

Beyoncé’s Eau de Parfum will retail for $160 and begin shipping in November 2023. However, it will only be available in the U.S. and Canada, and sold exclusively on Bey’s site.

For those feeling déjà vu as the Grammy winner previously came out with a series of fragrances in the mid-aughts, she isn’t just bottling up her go-to scent either. Two months ago, Beyoncé announced her new haircare line.

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