Zendaya and Tom Holland explored a royal palace during a Date in London, England this week.

The 26-year-old stars have been traveling the globe in recent weeks, most recently dazzling on the red carpet in Mumbai, India at the inauguration of a cultural center.

After that, they caught a flight to London where they were able to explore Hampton Court Palace, which was once inhabited by King Henry VIII. The palace is open to tours, and it appears that the Couple got to enjoy a private one.

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Historian Tracy Borman shared some details about the couple’s adventure in since-deleted posts on social media. She uploaded some photos, including two of her posing with the duo.

In another photo, Zendaya and Tom are sitting side by side at a table surrounded by silver bowls. The final snapshot from the day is of their shadows cuddled close together against a brick wall.

“I’ve had some special moments at Historic Royal Palaces but this has to count as one of the best ever: exploring Hampton Court after hours with Tom Holland and Zendaya,” she wrote.

If you missed it, a recent video from a nail appointment showed how Zendaya keeps Tom close by even when they aren’t together.


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