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Foreplay is a vital part of Sex, but some of us need help getting started. The mood doesn’t always strike the moment date night arrives. And when it does, it’s easy to persuade yourself not to take charge. Why try something new when the familiar feels so comfortable? Why kiss your partner somewhere unexpected when you can kiss them where you always have? There’s vulnerability involved in sexual exploration. But foreplay toys make the whole thing easier.

Foreplay toys are exactly what they sound like: They’re toys designed to get you in the mood. And naturally, they’re best when shared. Some of these toys create a sultry atmosphere, inviting you to tease your partner, Orgasm/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>describe your fantasies, or explore that thing you’ve always been curious about. Others tell you exactly what to try with your partner—all you have to do is accept the dare.

One of the most beautiful things about this? It takes the second-guessing out of sex. Once you’ve grabbed a foreplay toy, your hardest decision is made. There’s no risk-taking to reconsider, no sweet nothings to reword, and no kisses to talk yourself out of. All you can really do is follow the toy’s lead—no overthinking required.

To help you spice things up stress-free, we’ve rounded up some of the best foreplay toys on offer. Our favorites include everything from wearable vibrators to NSFW board games, so you can get exactly as adventurous as you want to.

Tempt and Tease Dice

Not sure how to get the night going? Roll the dice—literally. These foreplay dice will tell you what to do, where to do it, and how long to do it for. That last part is our favorite, because it means you can’t cop out after just a few seconds. And when you have to blow on your partner’s belly button for a whopping four minutes, you’re practically forced to stop feeling awkward and start having fun.

Apothecary Massage Candle

Turn your bedroom into a massage parlor with this fragrant massage candle. Light the candle to set the scene in your space. As it heats up, drip the hot wax all over your partner’s back. If you don’t want to wait for the wax to melt, sub in some classic massage oil, or kick things up a notch by snagging some hot massage rocks.

A woman wearing a stainless steel vibrator necklace


Crave Vesper

Wearing a vibrator on a date is a power move—especially if it’s as discreet as this one. The sleek bullet vibrator dangles from a dainty chain, so it passes as a genuine necklace. And it comes in three pretty finishes: rose gold, stainless steel, or 24-karat gold. Wear the vibrator necklace to dinner, and let your partner in on the secret halfway through the night. Then, slip the vibrator off the chain when you’re ready to have some fun.

52 Weeks of Date Nights

Need help planning your next date? These date night vouchers have enough ideas to get you through the year. Decide whether you want to go out or stay in. Then grab a card from the appropriate stack, and do whatever it tells you. If you want to keep the fun going, grab a sexploration voucher after your date. (The two voucher sets are sold separately, but they’re definitely worth pairing.)

Candy Bra

Forget Lingerie. Liven up your next date night by slipping into some edible undergarments, instead. This candy bra is ridiculously cute—and you can pair it with a candy G-string, some candy briefs, or a set of Nipple-tassels%2F71249.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>candy nipple tassels. The pieces are lined with candy wafers, so they’re genuinely edible (and tasty). And they give new meaning to the phrase, “You look like a snack.”

Obey Me Blindfold

Blindfolds instantly upgrade anything you do in the bedroom. When you can’t see, even the simplest kisses become surprises. And when your partner can’t see you, you can boldly try all the stuff you usually talk yourself out of. Naturally, there are tons of great blindfolds out there. But this one is our favorite because it’s cushioned with padding and lined with soft satin.

Lust Game for Two

Going out is fun. But next date night, stay in and host an NSFW game night for two. Play a board game, like Monogamy or Intimacy, that gets you sharing your desires and tackling steamy dares. Grab a card game, like We’ve Never… or Lust, that asks you about wildest escapades. Or keep it simple with an X-rated take on an old favorite, like Go F*ck (sex-themed Go Fish) or Smash Party (naughty Jenga).

Starburst Feather Body Tickler

One of the most fun ways to tease your partner? Tickle them. This feather body tickler is lined with feathers on one side and a soft handle on the other—and you can drag either side along your partner’s body to see how they respond. Take turns teasing each other to see who can last the longest. Or sneak in some other sensations by using the tickler like a riding crop.

A pair of handcuffs lined with black faux fur

Fetish-wrist-and-ankle-cuffs%2Fproducts%2Fblack-furry-hand-cuffs&sid=SC–&website=253400″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>PinkCherry.

Black Furry Handcuffs

Fuzzy handcuffs are a classic for a reason: They’re a fun way to play with restraint without getting uncomfortable. These best-selling handcuffs are lined with faux fur, so they feel genuinely cozy on your wrists. And if you want something even gentler, you can try a set of satin restraints, instead.

A stack of <a href=Role Play prompts in front of a card box” width=”600″ height=”600″ sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” title=”A stack of role play prompts in front of a card box” src=”” srcset=” 600w,,150 150w,,100 100w,,200 200w,,96 96w,,50 50w,,340 340w,,120 120w”/>


52 Weeks of Role Play

Role play isn’t easy for anyone—at least, not at first. But these role play prompts will help you get started. Each box is filled with 52 prompts, which give you and your partner a playful scenario to act out. Grab one prompt each week for the rest of the year, and try what the card tells you without overthinking it.

Dark Chocolate Body Paint

Edible body paint is fun from start to finish. Paint yourself in all the places you want your partner’s attention—or paint your partner in the places you’re most excited to explore. This dark chocolate body paint is our favorite because it’s all-natural and delicious. Plus, the heart-shaped bottle it comes in is pretty enough to display on your nightstand.

Heart Riding Crop

Searching for a beginner-friendly way to try BDSM? Look no further. This heart-shaped riding crop is lined with leather on one side and satin on the other, so you can seamlessly switch between spanks and soft caresses. And since it’s small and easy to use, it’s one of the less intimidating BDSM toys you can buy.

We-Vibe Match Couple’s Vibrator

Put your pleasure in your partner’s hands with this couple’s vibrator. The hands-free vibrator is easy to slip on, and it’s completely controlled by a wireless remote. For fun foreplay, hand the remote to your partner—and let them do whatever they want with it.

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