By Miguel A. Melendez,

Mary Fitzgerald choked back tears while emotionally revealing she suffered a miscarriage.

The “Selling Sunset” star took to Instagram on Friday and posted a video in which she struggled to reveal the news she said she sat on for weeks, that her and her husband, Romain Bonnet, went to Bali and got Pregnant. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald says, the Pregnancy didn’t work out. She said she felt compelled to share her message after promising fans she’d take them with her through her fertility journey.

“On top of the miscarriage, also had a septic miscarriage,” said Fitzgerald, referring to the development of an infection in her uterus that requires surgery. “So, had to go in for surgery for that. I guess the only reason why I’ve been silent for a long time — and the reason why I’m speaking out now — is because I do realize how common this is and how many people go through this.”

Fitzgerald, 43, added that “it has been rough to say the least but there’s still hope.” She vowed to continue trying to get pregnant with her husband, who has also been heavily featured on “Selling Sunset”.

In her caption, Fitzgerald hoped that by sharing her message she would encourage others to speak out and make them feel like they’re not alone in their journey.

“It’s not always sunshine and butterflies, and that is ok,” she wrote. “I wanted to share this in the hopes of letting others know they are not alone. I promised I would be truthful and keep you guys updated. I have been asked some questions, and finally found it within me to address this. We won’t be giving up… and if this message speaks to you in any way or you are feeling down, helpless, alone… please know we are in this together. Hang in there.”

Her Selling Sunset co-star Amanza Smith dropped a comment showing support. She wrote, “Most beautiful human inside and out. Love you both so much and will continue to hold you up through all your pain. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Yes you will have good news very soon. 🙏🏽😇.”

Former co-star Mary Vander, who herself has been outspoken about her past fertility issues, sent her love while adding, “Sorry you had to experience it.”

Brett Oppenheim also commented, “We will always be here to support you and Romain, through anything. Love you.”

Earlier this month, Fitzgerald spoke to ET’s Deidre Behar and hinted at hitting a road block in her fertility journey.

“We are still very much pursuing it. We recently didn’t have much luck but we’re going to keep trying,” she told ET.

Fitzgerald is mother to Austin Babbitt, 28, whom she gave birth to when she was 16.


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