Last fall, Buckingham Palace and the government worked together so that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II could go off without a hitch with only 10 days’ notice. Still, the planning for that event technically started back in the 1960s, so it might not be a great guide for what to expect when it comes to the coronations of King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 6. According to a report this week in the Mirror, coronation planning hasn’t always gone exactly smoothly, and aides have a few specific issues they’re worried they can’t work through. 

“It’s all very frantic, complete chaos to be frank,” an insider told the tabloid. “There is a plan, which is supposed to be the blueprint of how the day should operate, but things are changing daily, which is causing massive headaches.”

Some of the concerns have, according to the tabloid’s sources, cropped up during rehearsals, which are reportedly taking place on a “mock up” version of Westminster Abbey that was built inside Buckingham Palace. The Mirror reported that aides have expressed “real fears” about Charles stumbling during the walk to the Thrones of State because he complained about how heavy the robes are. Master craftsmen have recently been enlisted to construct a ramp to the thrones to ease his journey, the story said.

The rest of the family are also racing against the clock to pull their outfits together. Another source told the tabloid that there have been arguments over outfits and tiaras. “Senior female royals were only informed of outfits this week prompting a rush to finalize fitting arrangements,” the aide added. 

Ultimately, it seems like the aides who are the most panicked might just be the perfectionists. “It’s fair to say it will go down to the wire, but there is huge confidence everything will go to plan on the day,” one royal insider told the Mirror. “This is naturally a huge event and the important point is everyone is pulling in the right direction. The king and queen consort want it to be perfect, as does everyone involved, which is why everything is being done to make it so.”

One unknown that aides discussed—the lack of an RSVP from Prince Harry—has now been resolved. On Wednesday, Harry confirmed that he would be attending, while Meghan Markle would remain in California with their two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. It’s a reminder that the palace is a pretty big institution, and everyone isn’t always on the same page. 

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