On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh reunited.

Remember, Jen had run into a “surprise” with her visa. She had to return to Oklahoma for months and wait for the right documentation.

But this time, she returned with evidence — Rishi’s nearly-nude thirst traps that he had sent to other women.

Jen gave him another chance to fess up. He didn’t take it. So she confronted him with the truth.

Rishi Singh spoke to his friend, Nitesh, on Season 4, Episode 10 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Remember when Jen visited before, and found herself feeling very cold at night? Well, it’s months later. And it’s very, very hot.

Hot enough that Rishi and his friend were both visibly sweating while sitting and speaking indoors.

Rishi informed his friend (who is also an astrologer) that Jen’s visa situation is back on track.

She would be returning for a visit very soon. At the time, in just a Couple of weeks.

Rishi felt enthusiastic. Nitesh was quick to give him … we won’t say a dose of reality, exactly, but some words of caution.

According to Nitesh, the stars are essentially aligned against Jen and Rishi. It’s not impossible, but things will be difficult.

One particular concern — both in real life and on a more cosmic, celestial level, apparently — is Rishi’s family.

He still has not actually sat down and spoken with them about his engagement to Jen. Oh, he’s planning on it … allegedly.

Nitesh cautions him to wait until an auspicious day. When is that?

August 2. That is weeks away.

He even gets specific, advising Rishi to tell them at 4:00 PM on the Second of August. Very specific.

Jen arrived in India and once again headed to Rishi. A total repeat of her previous approach.

This time, she felt herself having mixed emotions. Her friend had received a nearly-nude thirst trap in her DMs from Rishi (while catfishing him). He had seemingly tried to make plans to meet up.

Jen admitted that she felt “disgusted” when thinking about that. But it still wasn’t enough to keep her from going.

However, seeing Rishi again face-to-face helped Jen to melt doubts … and into his arms.

The two shared a kiss.

And Rishi had some pleasant surprises for her.

He showed her the now-familiar apartment. This time, with some major improvements.

It has an air conditioning unit and other things that Jen would need to, you know, live there.

Rishi suggested that the two do an oil therapy at a spa as a sexy way to spend time together (without boning just yet).

While there, Jen decided to ask Rishi a question to which she already knew the answer.

He’s a popular, hot model. Surely women bombard his DMs with thirst.

How does Rishi respond? According to him, he just sends them polite replies, nothing more. Certainly without making plans to meet up.

“I’m like, borderline ready to smack him,” Jen said to the confessional camera. “I feel like I’m all over the place in this Relationship.”

She characterized her emotional state: “One minute I’m happy, I’m in love … the next minute I’m angry, I’m resentful.”

And Jen showed Rishi the evidence that she has of just how friendly and flirty he has been.

Jen admitted to Rishi that seeing him send this makes the things that he has sent her feel a lot less special.

“I’m done making excuses for him, I’m giving him a chance to come clean,” she told the camera.

Grimly, Jen then added. “This could be the end of things right now.” And Episode 11 will certainly include more from this conversation.

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