Kim Tate makes chilling discovery at Frank’s grave

Emmerdale resident millionaire Kim Tate is going to make a chilling discovery next week at late husband Frank’s graveside. The businesswoman has just been made aware that one of Frank’s illegitimate sons has engaged lawyers to claim his inheritance.

Of course viewers know that son is Kim’s own business partner Caleb Miligan. Caleb is determined to destroy Kim and reclaim his birthright of Home Farm and the millions with it.

Kim Tate is suspicious when she sees the laptop open
Kim Tate is determined to hunt down Frank’s son in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Viewers watched as Kim hatched her plan on Friday night to keep the mysterious son from getting a single penny of her money. She told Will how she had taken money from the business Frank left to protect herself.

“I wasn’t in the best place when Frank died,” she said. “It was stressful, and large parts of Tate Holdings were left to me.

“Chris and Zoe were both shareholders and they weren’t the sort of people you wanted to do business with. They were a mess, the pair of them and while they did everything to run the business into the ground, I had to look after myself, which I did.

“I removed money, while they were distracted with their affairs and their feuds and their violent tantrums. Call it a rainy day fund. When I left everyone everyone thought I was running away with a bit of stolen cash I’d buried.

Emmerdale: Caleb comes for Kim Tate’s millions

“But the point is when Chris died and Zoe left, I retrieved everything I’d squirrelled away and it was a lot of money. So this person sniffing around the will – I don’t need someone opening closet doors Will.”

She added: “I don’t mind them tying this chancer up in knots for a while but in the end you can’t deal with people like this by negotiating.

“I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m going to hide so much money, so quickly that by the time he gets past this lawyer, there will be nothing left for him.”

Now next week, Kim will begin her scheme – but is she walking into Caleb’s trap? As she takes a walk through the graveyard she feels uneasy when she finds a white rose on Frank’s grave.

Emmerdale's Nicky and Caleb are standing outside of Frank Tate's headstone
Frank Tate’s son Caleb and grandson Nicky are coming for Kim Tate in Emmerdale but will she survive? (Credit: ITV)

Will Caleb take Kim’s money?

Beginning to question whether Frank’s son is already in the village, Kim decides to move up her plan. And when Caleb engineers it so Kim has to tell him about her plan, he feigns concern about their shared assets.

Later Kim offers to move funds via less traditional means. It gives Caleb the chance to put everything in his name.

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Kim pushes Caleb to get everything signed for the new stud farm which he eagerly agrees. And after he is successful, Kim’s impressed enough to listen to him with her own plans.

But fortunately for Kim, her husband Will is suspicious and warns her about trusting Caleb too much. But will he get through to Kim? Or will she hand over her millions to Frank’s son without realising it?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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