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Bar Smith

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Bar Smith has shared an update on his legal battle via Twitter.

“Last court Date this Monday 🙏🏽 been a long fight, 2 year fight that led to a bad lawyer, $100k fugitive warrant and bail, extradited to 3 states, 5 county jails later on this one case 😮‍💨 sentencing damn near a blessing,” Smith tweeted on April 7. Smith was arrested in Nevada in 2022 shortly after moving there from California with his wife and “Teen Mom” star Ashley Jones.

At the time of his arrest, Smith was labeled a “fugitive” as he was arrested in Nevada for charges across state lines in California. He was eventually extradited to California and held on $100,000 bail for charges including a previous DUI and willful discharge of a firearm.

Bar Smith Responds to Criticisms of His Statement

A “Teen Mom” fan page on Instagram shared Smith’s tweet, and many fans of the show flocked to the comment section in response to his statement.

“And none of this would have happened if he had followed the laws and played by the rules,like everyone else is expected to do,” one user wrote.

“He’s telling us like we should congratulate him 😂💀”, another user added.

Smith had a great deal of support in the comment section as well, with messages including, “I also think it could’ve been his wake up call and just letting people know not to fk up as he had. This will hopefully be his last obstacle”

Smith joined in on the conversation, commenting to clarify the intentions behind his tweet. “I’m not asking for anything I’m simply stating a thing I’ve been going through and how much a relief it is that it’ll be able to move into the next faze. Yes I did what caused me to have these consequences. I’ve gone through the process and made amends and faced the consequences and stood up to face to face with my chin up. The other point is to list all of the bulls*** I went through for a stupid decision, it’s to encourage people not to do it,” He wrote.

Smith echoed the thoughts behind this statement in a since-deleted Instagram story, shared by the same “Teen Mom” fan page.

“I never once said I need no sympathy or congratulations or no s*** like that. It’s a part of the process. I f***ed up, I face the consequences, pled guilty, and I’m dealing with the s***. I’m just happy that it’s the last court date… It was literally just a post.”

Ashley Jones & Bar Smith Plan to Have Their Wedding in September

Smith and his wife Jones got married in secret in late 2021, however they still plan on holding a formal wedding ceremony and celebration with guests, with a date picked out for September 30, 2023.

“At first, I wanted a super gigantic wedding. Invite the whole town. Invite the whole world. Now, I want something that is very intimate. Just family and friends who have poured into us over the years and have really seen our growth as a Couple,” Jones told People.

The couple caught attention in March 2023 after Jones and Smith unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted most photos of the couple from their respective pages, however Jones and Smith both denied the rumors that this was indicative of any trouble in their relationship.

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