The death of Paul O’Grady was confirmed yesterday by his husband in a heartbreaking statement.

ITV has now been issued a warning that “replacing” the TV icon is going to be an “impossible task”.

Paul O'Grady smiling on This Morning
Paul died on Tuesday (Credit: ITV)

Death of Paul O’Grady announced

Yesterday saw some heartbreaking news announced – Paul O’Grady has died a the age of 67.

The news was confirmed in a statement by his husband, Andre Portasio.

“It is with great sadness that I inform you that Paul has passed away unexpectedly but peacefully yesterday evening,” he said.

“He will be greatly missed by his loved ones, friends, family, animals, and all those who enjoyed his humour, wit, and compassion,” he then continued.

He then said that Paul would want him to thank people for their love and support.

Tributes poured in from fans and celebrities alike when the news was announced.

Paul O'Grady speaking to camera
Replacing Paul will be an ‘impossible task’ (Credit: ITV)

ITV have ‘impossible task’ now following death of Paul O’Grady

Paul’s death has led to many wondering what will happen to his show, For The Love Of Dogs.

Will it continue? Or will it come to a end as it was so synonymous with Paul.

PR expert Jordan James, CEO of UnlockdPR, believes that ITV face an “impossible task” replacing the star.

He spoke exclusively to ED! about Paul’s influence and legacy.

“With Paul’s death comes uncertainty about who could ever replace someone so beloved within society – not only on TV, but when it comes down to simply being present within our lives,” he said.

“The star was due to present a new show on Boom Radio come Easter, but now it’s unknown who will be able to fill his rather talented shoes,” he then said.

Paul O'Grady smiling
Paul leaves behind an unforgettable legacy (Credit: ITV)

‘Impossible’ to replace ‘national treasure’ Paul

Jordan then continued, saying: “There are a few names that could potentially fill the void that this beloved star has left, possessing the same infectious energy, glamour, and jovial spirit O’Grady and his alter ego Lily Savage embodied.

Jordan then confessed that replacing Paul will be an “impossible” task.

I think truly replacing O’Grady is an impossible task.

“However, I think truly replacing O’Grady is an impossible task – the man’s kind heart, bubbly personality and penchant for adopting stray animals made him a unique part of British culture,” he then said.

“I think it will be hard to find another media personality that will be able to embody everything that made him so great.”

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For The Love of Dogs is available to watch now on ITVX.

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