Carter Ray drops a love letter to his younger self in his new single “Dear Victoria”

Released today, Carter Ray doesn’t shy away from who he was and who he always has been in the incredible love letter to his younger self single, titled “Dear Victoria”. The inspiring track really showcases this awesome trans singer-songwriter open up to the world and it’s enlightening to us all. This follows up his previous single “Forever, Plus One”.

Carter Ray is an experienced filmmaker, TV persona, social media influencer, and singer-songwriter. He has been a confident source for trans representation, starting in 2014 by documenting his transition from female to male. In doing so, he hoped to raise awareness and spread a hopeful message to trans youths showcasing love and validity – something he felt that he really needed when he was growing up. He has gone on to score a variety of achievements in his career, including gaining the title of “Best Drama” at the QueerX LA Film Festival for his debut short film, “The Change Up” and he has also made appearances on MTV’s Faking It and Tool of America. He also became the first trans male to host his own night, “Heavenly Bodies”, at The Church at The Abbey in West Hollywood, allowing him to showcase incredible trans talent and to give out love to the LGBTQ+ community. His dive into the music industry saw him drop his debut single “Dimension, Baby” in 2021 and has gone on to release five more singles, with his 2022 single “SCARS” becoming his most-streamed single on Spotify, to Date. With tens of thousands of streams to his singles, Carter Ray is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and if his drive is anything to go by, Carter Ray is surely set to make his dreams come true.

Written by Carter Ray Vincent, Samuel J Garfield, and Tiago Penteado Nogueira, “Dear Victoria” is a deeply personal track to Carter Ray as he delves in deep for a love letter to his younger self. A prominent piano starts the rhythm of the track as Carter Ray expresses his feelings throughout. Lyrically, he touches upon the celebration of who he has always been, how his younger self will forever be a part of him rather than somebody separate. The track allows for the realisation that Carter and Victoria are not two separate people, but one and the same, and it’s clear that Carter Ray has not just come to terms with it but also that he has actually known it all along, within himself. “Dear Victoria” is an incredibly moving and loving track that is surrounded by an upbeat tempo and addicting dance vibes. This track truly allows Carter Ray to spread love, acceptance, and hope to trans youth as well as the people close to people who are transitioning. “Dear Victoria” is a truly unforgettable track that is sure to melt hearts and make an impactful statement whilst, also, perfectly sitting within a party playlist. An important track, that certainly needs to be heard by many different people around the world.

Talking about this track, Carter Ray said: “The more and more I became comfortable with myself, the more I started to embrace and love life. I started to see the beauty in my childhood. The strength within myself, that allowed me to be where I am.”

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“Dear Victoria”, by Carter Ray, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via SJGarfield Productions.

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