Gwendlyn Brown: My Dad is Horrible with Money!!!!

Another day, another reveal by Gwendlyn Brown.

Much to the likely chagrin of her well-known father.

On Friday, the 21-year old daughter of Kody and Christine rewatched a Sister Wives Season 17 episode and then talked about it with her subscribers on YouTube.

She also responded to a question at the time about her dad and Robyn’s spending habits.

“I think that my dad and Robyn have a terrible habit of spending very crazy and like, not, within their means at all,” the reality TV star explained in her video.

“But also, Janelle and Meri are kind of similar to my mom and that they’re not gonna be salty or petty and try to take money from him even though they totally deserve it because he’s been spending all of their money on whatever.”

It’s pretty fairly well established at this point that Kody is awful with money.

He purchased property at Coyote Pass in Arizona five years ago and is yet to build a single thing on it; he had to take out a loan in 2020 and has no job outside of his role on Sister Wives.

Gwendlyn then concluded on March 31 by noting that Janelle and Meri will “probably be a lot better off now that they’re no longer with him, and they’re no longer financially tied to him because you still make a lot of money separately.”

Janelle and Christine work as salespeople for Plexus Worldwide, a shady supplement company.

Meri has also faced criticism for her apparent role in a pyramid scheme.

But, hey, all three women are at least making their own money!

Gwendlyn, meanwhile, has been using her social media platform of late to open up about her parents and polygamous family.

“It’s terrible that I’m making this about myself, but it hurts so much to see him be a good father to others when I didn’t really get that much,” Gwendlyn recently said about how Kody treats his kids with Robyn versus her and her biological siblings.

“I’m so happy they have a good father or from what it looks like to be a good father and an active father.”

Brown previously said Kody “chose” Robyn over other family members.

At this point, of course, Robyn is Kody’s only spouse… as Christine dumped his selfish rear end in November 2021; Janelle did the same just over a year later; and Meri was basically forced to walk away from her spiritual husband just this past January.

“I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad being happy that I ate all my lunch, or that I made a friend at school, [it] was always my mom,” Gwen continued in her latest YouTube video.

Regarding the aforementioned Sister Wives scene and Robyn’s kids specifically?

“It sucks that he was not there so much, but I’m happy for them,” she added.

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