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Bryan and Sarah Baeumler

The sky is the limit for HGTV star Bryan Baeumler.

On March 29, Bryan shared an Instagram post from the cockpit of his four-passenger plane, which he has lovingly named “Cindy”, along with his and his wife Sarah Baeumler’s youngest children, Lincoln (12) and Josephine (10). The post showed Josephine (also known as JoJo) watching videos on an iPad to her father’s right while Lincoln slept in the back row of the plane.

According to FlightAware, the “Rock the Block” star’s plane was travelling between Florida and Alabama on this Date.

Bryan has had his pilot’s license for years now and shared parts of his training and licensing process on his show “Renovation Island” (which goes by the name “Island of Bryan” on HGTV Canada). “Flying for me is just freedom. It’s quiet, you’re free, you can go wherever you want. You can see forever. You can see around you. Nobody can sneak up on you. It just feels natural,” Bryan said in a confessional for the show.

Bryan Baeumler is Teaching His Children to Fly


Although his two children fell asleep while flying with Bryan in his latest Instagram post, they have learned a thing or two about piloting a plane from their father over the years. In fact, flying planes runs in the Baeumler family.

Bryan’s father, Werner Baeumler, began his career as a pilot before eventually starting his own company called Baeumler Quality Sheet Metal. “He hasn’t flown a small airplane since before I was born…and always encouraged me to get my licence,” Bryan wrote in a November 2021 Facebook post, which included a selfie of him and his father in his plane and getting ready for takeoff.

Lately, Bryan has also been imparting the wisdom he learned from his father onto his children. In January 2022, he posted a photo of JoJo holding the yoke (controls) of the plane while in the air with the caption “She’s a natural”. The next month, he shared another post, this one a video of Lincoln behind the controls of the plane with the caption “Apparently it’s Ice Cream that gives you wings… 🦅”.

Fans were shocked to see the Baeumlers’ youngest children helping pilot their dads plane, with comments on these posts including, “She’s growing up wayyyy tooooo fast….slow down JoJo 😍 ❤” and “Can he even see over the instrument panel??? 😁”.

Bryan Often Flies to His Resort in the Bahamas

One of the biggest reasons Bryan got his pilot’s license was so that he could more easily make the commute between his home in Florida and his resort in the Bahamas, Caerula Mar Club, which lived at and renovated with his family as the subject of his and Sarah’s show “Renovation Island”.

The Baeumlers inspiration for renovating the resort came after a vacation to the Bahamas in 2017. While there they saw the then-rundown resort, and decided to purchase it, renovate the whole 18-room, 22-villa place, and help bring more guests to South Andros Island. The Baeumlers worked quickly, opening their resort in 2019, however they have since faced some speed bumps, including Hurricane Dorian in August 2019 and the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. While the resort had to close in the face of each of these obstacles, it re-opened each time, most recently re-opening in October 2020 (with COVID protocols in place, including testing for guests over the age of 10).

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