93FEETOFSMOKE Bites Back at His Inner-Voice on New Single “conversations”

93FEETOFSMOKE is a genre-bending artist who is unafraid to make some noise. His vocals are an emotional purge, bringing life and color to every track. His latest single “conversations” is a head-banging anthem written about the human tendency to doubt yourself.

“conversations” is vocally raw with bellows of moxie and a sharp-twinged guitar riff. A wistful beat swims through the verses as 93FEETOFSMOKE reflects on how he’s constantly facing imposter syndrome and can’t get out of his own head. 93FEETOFSMOKE sings, “Conversations I have with myself – expectations set too high I can’t look down. Too far gone to quit right now and my head, it keeps on spinning.” The track was co-written and produced by Erik Ron (Set It Off, Taylor Swift, nothing,nowhere) and tugs at the heartstrings of humanity with somber resonance and an unfiltered performance from 93FEETOFSMOKE.

93FEETOFSMOKE was born in Virginia and moved to the west coast to pursue music. He’s graced the stage at The Roxy and grown an audience with more than 100 million streams worldwide. “conversations” is his latest release.

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