Angela Deem Terrorizes 90 Day Fans with “Thirst Trap”

90 Day Fiance fans have spent years recoiling in horror over Angela Deem’s toxic marriage to Michael Ilesanmi.

And though Michael is her primary victim, Angela has been hard to watch all on her own.

Whether she is ripping down her top for the cameras or getting intimate in a bubblebath, some viewers have seen more than they ever wanted to.

One of her latest photos is not getting the reaction from fans that she might have wanted. Some “thirst traps” are easy to evade.

Over the years, Angela Deem has posted a lot of photos of herself to social media. This certainly is one of them. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We do not know exactly why Angela Deem decided to post this photo, in which she is wearing a crown and a piece of arm jewelry featuring a heart motif.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans concluded that the reality TV villain was sharing this in order to flaunt her body transformation.

As she documented on the show, Angela has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures in order to alter her appearance.

In a twisted turn of events, Angela Deem appeared to openly flirt with Jovi Dufren. This likely went down in the Florida Keys. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Angela seems to enjoy using social media to present herself as a young flirt.

For that matter, she has done the same on the show. Even when arriving at her latest Tell All, Angela flirted with and even touched a young man outside of the building.

She is not actually that old! Though she has numerous grandchildren and despite all appearances, Angela is actually only 58.

Here, Angela Deem wears an eye-catching necklace and a cobalt blue blouse. (Image Credit: Instagram)

With that in mind, the idea of her being silly on social media or going out dancing is less surprising.

That said, where many fans draw the line is not her attempts to project “youthful energy” in between smoke breaks.

It is, instead, Angela’s more toxic behavior and total hypocrisy. All of that seems to sour everyone on her.

During the filming of the franchise’s first two-day Tell All, Angela Deem was eager to cop a feel of a young man outside of the building. Inside, she would chastise her husband for DMing with a young woman. (Image Credit: Discovery Plus)

In other words, Angela has done so many things wrong that fans of the franchise aren’t happy to see her doing much of anything.

We don’t just mean the hypocrisy. Viewers have all seen Angela scream at Michael for having a friend-of-a-friend who is a woman while she herself openly flirts with “crushes” and plans to fly out and meet them.

Angela has also emotionally, verbally, and even physically abused Michael — all on camera.

Though 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? did not initially air the full footage, the show did eventually show Angela Deem physically attack Michael Ilesanmi. (Image Credit: Discovery Plus)

Given all that viewers have witnessed, we have to ask what qualities Angela has that would cause someone to actually like her.

Some people like her take-no-prisoners attitude. Unfortunately, she is a real person and her behavior harms real people.

Many people feel that Michael is her prisoner. Even those who accuse him of having tried to scam her to begin with have expressed their sympathies — truly, no one deserves the abuse that she has dealt.

Angela Deem has donned some eye-catching costumes over the years. (Image Credit: Discovery Plus)

Surprisingly, Angela has actual defenders. Some of them have claimed that Angela’s critics just hate her because she’s “old” but still living life.

We would remind everyone that Angela is, again, only in her fifties. Plenty of cast members have been that age — or older — and enjoyed continuing popularity. Right now, people like Debbie Aguero much more than they like Angela Deem.

It is Angela’s behavior that rubs people the wrong way. And because she has no intention of cleaning up her act, Angela will continue to distress 90 Day Fiance fans with whatever she does.

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