Social media can be toxic, and even more so when you are as famous as one of the Kardashian- Jenner sisters. Kylie Jenner came out to say that social media can sometimes be a lot. 

Kylie Jenner on disconnecting from social media

The 25-year-old star posted a four-and-a-half-minute-long video on her TikTok where she was seen sitting on the floor of her grand mansion. She started the video by saying, “OK I don’t have a lot of time, but I wanted to come on here because I haven’t in a while. I do miss you guys.” Kylie mentioned that every month or two, she likes to delete all her social media apps and “reset.” 

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Every once in a while, fans forget that the celebrities they see on Instagram are humans too. Kylie reminded people by saying, “I’m still a human being having a human experience and, like, sometimes it can be a lot, but I do love you guys and miss you guys,” People were unsure about the context. Some speculated that Kylie was talking about her break up with Travis Scott, while others guessed she was talking about the drama involving Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber.

Later in the video, kylie gave fans a sneak peek of two of her new Makeup products from Kylie cosmetics. She applied the makeup products and told fans why she loved them. 

People react to Kylie Jenner’s TikTok video

A lot of people in the comments section were understanding and respectful to Kylie Jenner. Most of them were happy that the star is once again active on social media. One said, “happy your back kylie! Social media can be so toxic and take all the space you need for your mental health! but again, happy your back.”

Another wrote, “I guess she’s trying to be open with saying she’s going through something I can respect that cause she really doesn’t have to explain her personal.”

Kylie Jenner received backlash for lying

People were quick to point out that Kylie Jenner lied to them in the video, where she stated that she had not been on social media for a while. They pointed out that she has been actively posting on multiple social media platforms in recent days. People called her fake and alleged that the only reason she was posting now was to make money. 

One user commented saying, “So U don’t love us, U don’t miss us, U just wanna sell your stuff. Why lie?”

“I miss you guys…buy this from me,” another commented.

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