Grid Down, Power Up: Here’s everything to know about Dennis Quaid’s documentary

Dennis Quaid, the popular American actor who is best known for his versatile performances in both intense and comedy roles, is now stepping into a new role. The Midway actor released his ambitious project, the recently released documentary ‘Grid Down, Power Up’. The project, which discusses the possibilities of a power grid outrage that has the chance to send the United States ‘back to the 1880s, is now garnering attention with its valid content and presentation.

Dennis Quaid about Grid Down, Power Up

In his recent chat at the popular Jesse Watters Primetime, Dennis Quaid opened up about his documentary and the importance of its content. Dennis Quaid stated that his documentary Grid Down, Power Up provides a look at the consequences of the power grid going down and the United States living without electricity for an extended period of time. He also stated that despite the potential consequences, there is no real plan or funding for a plan to respond to the power grid going down.

“There have been several attacks on substations. I heard about one, that happened a Couple of months ago. This is not Day After Tomorrow, by the way. This is tomorrow. I think it could happen,” stated Dennis Quaid in his chat with Jesse Watters. “Just 30 days without electricity, it would take us back to 1880. You wouldn’t be able to get gas. You wouldn’t be able to get food. The police would have to stay home and care for their own families,” he added.

Grid Down, Power Up: Where to watch?

Reportedly, the acclaimed documentary was originally expected to get streamed on Netflix. However, the streaming plans are cancelled later due to undisclosed reasons. As per the latest updates, Grid Down, Power Up is only available for streaming on the official website of the film. 

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