Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today we are going to discuss the topic; How well do you really know your partner?

We like to think that we are in tune with our partners, but we all change a little over the years that we are together. Therefore, we can’t allow communication to stop or take our partner for granted, regardless of how many years we’ve been in our relationship.

Some couples evolve together and stay very connected, but there are also many couples who aren’t paying close enough attention to any changes that may be taking place within their partnership. The way to know where you stand with your partner is by how they are or aren’t communicating with you on a daily basis.

The way to be on top of how your partner is feeling is to be aware of subtle fluctuations in their moods and body language. Is there a shift in their affection or intimacy level toward you? Are they telling you what they are concerned about in your relationship, but you’re not really listening to them? If someone you love shares a concern with you, and they have to repeatedly tell you, by ignoring them you are not validating their feelings. We all want to know our partner cares about our feelings.

Shrugging off something that is important to your partner is a big mistake.

Some of my clients have felt blindsided when their relationships ended, but when we delved into things, there were signs that their partner was checking out way before the actual breakup. It is so important to really listen and hear each other to maintain the love between you both! Being ignored only leads to loneliness in a partnership, as It is no longer a balanced environment. This is when things slowly start to fizzle out if they are not quickly corrected.

Be careful not to become defensive if you don’t like something your partner is bothered about. You are both entitled to your own feelings and if they are being open and sharing their thoughts with you, it is in your best interest to hear them out. Diplomacy is important in how you deliver or receive the issue at hand. No one wants to feel attacked, so be gentle when you communicate any concerns within your partnership.

If you or your partner shrugs things off or gets angry about each other’s concerns, it will eventually make you both shut down. Couples who make their relationships thrive for many years are the ones who take the time to correct the small problems before they become irreconcilable differences! Don’t be the last person in your partnership to repair the simple changes that can save your relationship.

If you both continually prioritize each other, you will always maintain a solid relationship.

  1. Plan regular date nights. It is important to stay romantic with one another as it keeps you connected.
  2. Have a daily conversation after work with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. This is a great way to keep the communication lines open and to stay on board with what is going on in each other’s life. (Dinner and the kids can wait a few minutes.)
  3. Engage in physical activity as a couple a few times per week. This is not only therapeutic, but it keeps you healthy, happy, and looking good. You also talk more openly when you’re outside your home environment because you’re both more relaxed.
  4. Prioritize your relationship over household chores. Leave the dishes for later and cuddle up in front of the TV together. Leave the gardening for another day, go outside, and play together as a couple on the weekend. People place way too much importance on having a perfect household, over nurturing their partnership.
  5. Understand the importance of having to compromise with each other in your relationship. This is something we all have to do in every aspect of our lives, so don’t think it isn’t a priority within your partnership as well.

Relationships always take a little work and a lot of nurturing to stay in a healthy place.

I am always surprised that couples don’t understand the importance of paying close attention to what is transpiring in their partnership. Nothing in our lives is flawless, and there are always a few bumps to deal with along the way. Listening to your partner and staying focused on the bond you share together will help you to evolve and stay on the same page over the years.

You will continue to know more about each other because you prioritize and listen to your partner and vice versa. Life is an ongoing training ground for all of us. When you take the time to appreciate and be grateful for what you do have in your world, you will continue to attract more blessings toward you, and your relationship will continue to blossom in a loving way. A little effort every day goes a very long way, and it’s definitely worth the investment.

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