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Does Your Fear of Rejection Cause You to Walk Away From Relationships?

Sadly, this is a common scenario with some men and women today. If you came to view this video, it may be due to what is going on in your own life right now. You may be trying to come to terms with where this fear of rejection is coming from, which is a great first step!

The difficulty here is that you are sabotaging your own happiness because you keep people from rejecting you, by rejecting them first.

What is transpiring either consciously, or subconsciously is that you are fearful of giving emotional energy to a potential partnership, because you’re afraid YOU will eventually be rejected. Which is ultimately what you are doing anyway. You’re running away from having a meaningful relationship due to this fear.

You could be dating someone who has great partner potential, but once you start to have stronger feelings for them, it sets off an alarm and triggers you to leave before you get hurt. You are not giving the relationship a chance to blossom or see if there is a great fit for you as a couple.

If this is sounding familiar, it is time to ask yourself what it is that you are achieving by even starting a connection with someone if you are planning to walk away from it. How is this serving you, and couldn’t it possibly be even more hurtful to you long-term, than actually taking a chance on love?

We all have self-esteem issues throughout our lifetime, but the answer is to work on the insecurities that keep you fearful of having love in your life.

The most important thing to do in a case like this is to understand what is causing you to have this continual self-doubt. No one said relationships were easy, but if you stop them from happening due to this ongoing fear, how is that really working for you? If you are ending up in some form of partnership this shows that you are looking for something, otherwise you wouldn’t date, or become involved with anyone.

Running away from a relationship is not only hurting you, but it is also hurting the person you are seeing at that time. They are trusting that you are with them for the right reasons, and they are taking a risk and giving their heart to you. There is always a risk when it comes to relationships, but if you don’t have some faith in love and keep walking away when things get too close, it can be a repetitive and lonely existence as time goes by.

If you are living your life risk-free and not making too many changes to enhance it, this will keep you stuck on a very routine path. You have to try new things outside your comfort level to combat fear. This is what makes you evolve and learn to be more comfortable in your own skin.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a much better option than shutting the doors on your emotions!

Closing down on your feelings because you’re afraid of being rejected by someone you love is not a healthy way to live. This fear owns you and holds you hostage in what you think is a safe place. A great book by Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, is something you may want to read to help you gain perspective on how to alter these fearful scenarios in your life. It’s never too late to evolve to a higher place where you are meant to be.

Being afraid of rejection can start at a very early age within your childhood, or it can happen after one or two difficult breakups. It is important to get to the bottom of why you feel this way and why you are protecting your heart in this manner.

It is so rewarding to learn what is going on internally so that you can change those feelings that are holding you back from finding the love that you deserve. You are desirable and worthy of having a wonderful partnership, but you just have to do the homework to learn how to believe and trust in yourself.

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Dating can be very scary and can make even the most confident people nervous, or a little anxious.

It is important to understand that everyone is in the same boat and taking a risk that they may get hurt when they are dating or in a relationship. This can also be said for many things that transpire in your life. You can experience rejection in a job interview, your workplace, your friendships, as well as in your relationships.

The takeaway from any difficult life experience is to learn the lesson you were supposed to learn on that particular path. This will greatly help you to move forward with a more confident mindset. Holding onto any type of emotional pain just shortchanges your future happiness. Take back your power and fight the fear that is controlling you.

Start out by putting yourself in environments where you feel a sense of security.

When you are implementing any changes to fear-based situations, it is important to stay away from people or places that really intimidate you or cause you to feel overly anxious. Surround yourself with positive people that you feel comfortable with, and put energy into being positive in return.

Add to the conversations and slowly start to be more open. The more you interact with others, the less rejection you will feel due to the connected rapport you have with them. Reciprocated communication is confidence building. Facing your fears is the only way to change the problems.

When you fear rejection in a relationship, the best way to handle it is to become more proficient in dealing with people in general. Giving other people your time and energy will continually help to enhance your self-esteem. This will enable you to remain open and eventually help you to give love a chance in the near future.

When something isn’t working in your life, it is always worth getting to the bottom of why that is. The more work you put into being a higher and better version of yourself, the smoother and more fulfilling the road will be for you moving forward.

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