As a Black woman with a darker complexion, Sukihana says she feels colorism. The latest incident that prompted her thoughts on the subject was a recent performance where she exposed her breasts to the audience.

She reacted to the backlash on Sunday (March 19) via Twitter. The rapper compared Swedish singer Tove Lo and herself using side-by-side imagery of them performing topless. And despite the similarities in their performance, Sukihana says people have given her derogatory labels while praising Tove Lo.

“Here are 2 free-spirited performers. 1 is celebrated, and the other received backlash the reason is because one is white and one is black,” Sukihana tweeted. “When it comes to color, one is considered a hippie, the other is a hoodrat. It’s really not right so when I say I feel colorism I mean it.”

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The tweet has received over 2.7 million impressions and over 24,000 likes. Sukihana also took to the comment section to clear up assumptions.

Twitter user, @lighterthanlife, wrote: “I’m confused the left pulled [their] shirt up mid-performance, and I assume put it back down after on the right we see a performer who came on stage breast out as the outfit…why this is compared as the same is crazy? Then to bring race…I mean, if they were actually similar, but oof.” 

Suki responded: “No, I pulled mines out and put them back just like she did.” 

Sukihana Says White People Are Labeled ‘Hippies’ And ‘Boho’ For Similar Behaviors

As reactions to her comparison kept pouring in, Sukihana continued to offer clarity on her stance. Twitter user, @HeartsOfaKing, said they understood Suki’s position but added, “however, u are a little hood…well, a lot.” 

Sukihana replied:

“I am hood. I can’t helo where I was born but I am free-spirited. I am sexually liberated, I walk around with no bra and no shoes. When white people do it, they are hippies and boho. I am a hippie too, people don’t even know in my real life I wear fairy ears.”

Still, the critiques continued. Sukihana later defended herself against a Twitter user who seemingly blamed the backlash on Suki’s surgically-enhanced body.

“and one is a mother who sacrificed her body to birth and breastfeed 3 healthy babies until they were 1 years old then raised them and decided she wanted to have a career too and deserves to feel pretty,” Suki replied.

On Monday, the Delaware-born, Atlanta-raised rapper also asked her 586,000+ fans on Twitter to protect her at all cost, adding that her heart “is pure” and she needs “an army.”

By Monday afternoon, she seemingly suggested men don’t get backlash for being topless in public amid promoting her OnlyFans and sharing additional content of her with her exposed breasts and twerking.

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