Bella Hadid is marking a new chapter in her sobriety journey.

The model, 26, recently shared she’s “5 months alcohol free.” Taking to TikTok March 20, Bella posted a video of herself smiling from ear to ear during a trip to Las Vegas as she celebrated the milestone. She also marked the achievement with a post on Instagram, where she stated she’s had “5mo” of no alcohol. 

Bella has spoken about her decision to not drink before, including when she did Dry January last year.

“​​My body does not do well with alcohol,” she told W Magazine in early 2022. “And in the fashion industry, we work a lot. So we feel like at night we can play a lot, and then wake up and do it again. And I realized that is not a sustainable life for me to live.”

She then looked back at the days when she was a student at Parsons School of Design in New York.

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