Law Roach is setting the record straight regarding alleged body image comments.

The celebrity stylist recently addressed remarks Priyanka Chopra made at South by Southwest Film Festival March 10, in which she said that an unnamed person told her the day prior that she was not “sample-sized,” per People.

In response, Law, who dressed Priyanka for the occasion, said her comment was “a little bit hurtful” because “that wasn’t the real conversation.”

“I’ve never had that conversation with her, ever,” Law told The Cut in an interview published March 17. “So again, it is her gatekeepers, how they presented what I said to her to make her feel that way. And if that made her feel bad, that wasn’t—it was taken out of context.”

Furthermore, Law explained that he’s had an excellent rapport with the actress, whom he’s dressed for years and experienced “nothing but great things.” Referring to celebrities’ teams, he said he’s often put in a tough spot of having candid conversations with his clients.

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