GOGGLEBOX fans were left alarmed during last night’s episode after two of the show’s stars mysteriously disappeared.

Instead viewers were left faced with two empty armchairs, during the middle of the Channel 4 show.

Gogglebox fans were left concerned when two empty chairs appeared on screen


Gogglebox fans were left concerned when two empty chairs appeared on screenCredit: Channel 4
It came after Giles and Mary mysteriously disappeared


It came after Giles and Mary mysteriously disappearedCredit: Channel 4

It came after Gogglebox favourites Giles and Mary were seen watching a show during the episode, only for them to completely disappear just minutes later.

The camera then panned to their vacant chairs, as emotional piano music played in the background.

This sombre scene left some viewers concerned at what had happened to the Couple.

One viewer tweeted: “I saw those two empty chairs and my heart stopped… I thought something had happened to Nutty and Nutty. Phew.”

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Another concerned viewer agreed: “I thought Giles and Mary had passed a way for a second and there was going to be one of those voiceovers.”

A third fan wrote of the moment: “Bloody hell, I thought Giles and Mary had died,” as a fourth added: “Jesus… Empty chairs… Thought Nutty & Bitty had died.”

However, they need not have worried, as it was later revealed that Giles and Mary had stepped away from filming to play the piano.

It came after they had been seen watching Channel 4’s talent show, The Piano.

Meanwhile, last week Giles and Mary left show viewers red in the face with a VERY suggestive remark.

The couple were seen reacting to scenes from Discovery Channel reality show Naked and Afraid on the latest episode.

The popular pair, who have been married for over 30 years, were seen making tongue-in-cheek jokes about the terrifying scenes on Gogglebox.

They watched on as survival enthusiasts Sam and Julia were dropped off in New Mexico without their clothes and tasked to survive.

“Naked and Afraid, man,” Giles said as he sat down in his armchair next to Mary, looking confused about the premise of the show.

Mary then made the very suggestive remark back at him: “I’ll get you Naked and Afraid if you’re not careful.”

“I could survive in my shed,” Giles then joked, brushing off the jibe.

But fans at home were left in shock, and took to Twitter to admit they had been left blushing over the comments.

One fan penned: “Giles and Mary’s little remarks always get me.”

A second added alongside a series of sick and red-in-the-face emojis, quoting the pair’s iconic phrase: “Oh Nutty!”

Mary and Giles rose to fame on Gogglebox back in 2015 – and have remained fan favourites on the show since.

Last year, the couple revealed Giles was able to retire at the age of 21, as Mary joked at her hubby for claiming he was “starting” retirement.

While watching a documentary about the Covid-19 pandemic, he said to his wife: “Just as I’m starting to enjoy my retirement.”

But Mary shot back: “What retirement? You haven’t worked first. You retired at 21, so now you can start working, do it in reverse.”

Away from his and Mary’s showbiz role on TV, Giles does actually earn a living from painting pictures of other people’s “clutter”.

The star, who lives in a stunning Wiltshire cottage with Mary, studied at the Wimbledon Art School and paints to relax.

It was at college where the couple met, as Mary was working as a model at the time.

Giles now displays his artwork on his own website, with signed and framed prints previously selling for £250-a-go.

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After his secret job was revealed, fans were stunned by his very detailed artworks featuring busy interiors, elegant homes and landscapes.

Gogglebox continues at 9pm, Channel 4, on Friday

Giles and Mary are popular with Gogglebox fans


Giles and Mary are popular with Gogglebox fansCredit: CHANNEL 4


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