Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

The model and the Houston Astros pitcher met in 2012, and got married in 2017. The icing on the cake of their wedding was that Justin had just won the World Series with the Texas-based team.

“It was a very special moment. It was pretty storybook. The moment the gates opened and I saw her walking down the aisle, I lost it. She looked so beautiful, and I had been looking forward to that day for a long time,” Justin told People about their Italian nuptials. “All the emotions came to me, and it was everything I had imagined it would be and more.”

Kate and Justin welcomed their daughter in 2018, and continue to be each other’s biggest fans. If anyone was to dethrone Kate, however, it would be the pair’s little girl, Genevieve.

“I would like to be able to play long enough that my daughter can see me and remember me playing baseball when she grows older,” Justin said of Genevieve (and melting girl-dad hearts everywhere). “Maybe if anything, it’s going to push me to stay in shape and stay healthy, and be a good pitcher as long as I possibly can. I want her to be able to remember me on the field.”

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