Rihanna has always been a trendsetter with her successful career as well as her booming business, but as it turns out, Braids are much more than just a trendy hairstyle for her. In her recent interview with Vogue China, the pop star opened up about her connection to protective hairstyles and how they have become a form of self-expression for her. She also delved into the reason she wants her two sons to get braids as soon as possible.

Rihanna talks about how braids connect her to her history 

Rihanna, who shares her two sons RZA and Riot Rose with her partner A$AP Rocky, opened up about the importance of braiding. She said that not only braids are different types of protective hairstyles imparted to the new generation through years of history but they are also a form of creative experimentation and self-expression for her.

“This is a form of protection by our ancestors…(it) makes us realize where we’ve come from,” she said, referring to how different types of braids have been a part of the various African cultures for a long time. “This is our lost history. I immediately wanted my children to have their hair braided. … It’s something in our blood,” Rihanna shared in her interview.

Braids are often worn by both Rihanna and Rocky 

Rihanna, who is originally from Barbados, has rocked various kinds of braided hairstyles including cornrows, goddess braids, Box braids, fulani braids, bow braids, and more throughout her illustrious career. She has become a fashion icon over the years for her fantastic outfits and grand hairstyles. But for her, braids are much more than just trendy hairstyles, it’s something that connects her to her history and lineage. The 36-year-old’s partner A$AP Rocky also sports cornrows which he often decorates with various types of hair clips. 

As braids are so important to both Rihanna and Rocky, it comes as no surprise that she wants both her sons to sport braided hairstyles to not only protect their hair but also to connect them to the rich history behind these hairdos. In the photo shared by the couple after the birth of their second son Riot Rose back in August of 2023, little RZA, who was about a year old, was also seen sporting tiny cornrows. And we will probably soon get to see little Riot also rocking a braided hairstyle.

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