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Hello, hello, hello! It’s time for your weekly Ru Paul’s Drag Race recap. We are down to the fab five and this week, the queens add a new (and sexy) addition to their drag family and serve some sizzling looks and choreography on the Runway.

As the episode opens, we learn that not only did Morphine Love Dion get her third lip sync win, she also lost three nails in the process. Last week’s winners, Sapphira Cristal and Plane Jane state they are in it to win it, with Sapphira playing the long game and Jane gunning for the top spot. Jane, feeling confident after her latest victory, also promises to be back to her “usual cocky shenanigans.” We love the drama, so that’s just fine with us. Even though she didn’t take top honors, Q states that she can definitely see the crown on her head.

The next day, the queens enter the werk room and are greeted with the Drag Race edition of Monopoly. I don’t know about you, but I would totally watch these queens play a full game. Ru interrupts the fun and introduces this week’s maxi challenge. It’s time for a makeover – and this time, we all get a treat, as the makeover recipients are the hunky (do we still say hunky?) dancers from the RuPaul’s Drag Race LIVE show in Las Vegas (if you are ever in Sin City, it’s a must-see.)

The queens are matched up with their makeover-ee by pulling balls out of the pink fuzzy box, and the color on the ball corresponds with the dancer’s briefs. Q gets the “Daddy-esque” Sebastian, Morphine says she wants Miguel and successfully manifests her wish. Nymphia Wind gets Jonathan, Sapphira is matched with Mark (my heart) and Jane gets the very furry Nick. After the pairs are matched, Ru reminds them that they need to have a strong family resemblance, and then…one more thing…they need to choreograph a “breakout dance moment” on the runway. It’s going to be interesting to see these (as Jane put it) “burly macho men” transformed into “dainty feminine women.”  

The queens get to know their new drag sisters. Jane’s partner Nick is afraid he’s going to look like a man in a wig, and Jane jokes that he’s a “big, strong, hairy version of Dawn.” Fortunately for Jane, Nick wants to be a “hot, sexy slut” so it’s really a “match made in whore-ness.” Morphine gets to know Miguel (even though she’s distracted by his handsomeness – which is understandable.) Miguel is down with showing skin and body and has a booty that rivals Morphine’s, so another great match has been made,

Nymphia discovers that Jonathan’s favorite queen is Plastique Tiara, and…oh…he’s straight. Nymphia thinks he is just “a more reserved gay” but vows to transform him into his dream girl (which is his Aussie wife.)  Mark, Sapphira’s dancer, is excited to be in the werk room and hopes to defeat his BFF Sebastian on the runway. Q is initially hesitant about working with the seemingly timid and shy Sebastian, but he opens up quickly, much to her relief.

As the newly-appointed queens learn the ways of drag, we have the requisite high-heel walk-off (and all of the dancers are pros from the get-go), and Nymphia uses a banana (of course) and a pair of oranges wrapped in a pair of stockings to teach the fellas how to tuck. After the terrifying lesson, the dancers opt for tucking panties. Wise choice.

Ru meets with the teams to check on their progress. Sapphira introduces Ru to “Hyacinth” Cristal. Ru doesn’t feel it and suggests she go with one of the mispronunciations of her name from last week’s challenge, and Shakira Cristal is born. We also meet Juanita Wind, Luna (Q’s sis), La Tina (Miguel), and Jane’s new sibling, Lazy Susan, a name that results in extended, wheezing laughter from Mama Ru.

The choreography goes as well as you would expect, considering these dancers have talent with a capital “T”. Sebastian also works with Q on some thriller-inspired moves that manage to work with a robotic style of dance. Sapphira runs into an issue during their time practicing, as her gorgeous geode dress was not built for dancing, so she’s got some pivoting to do. 

On elimination day, the queens get to beating some dancer mugs. There’s a lot of shaving and Jane kindly lends Sapphira an outfit so that she and Shakira would both be clad in orange hues. Q is going for an out-of-the-box concept with white Makeup that has Morphine asking. “What in the gay mime hell is going on?” Nymphia confesses to Jonathan that she is in a constant battle between self-doubt and self-confidence, and Jane and Nick discover that they have a lot in common. Both of them went to school, denying their desire to dance. Glad they both followed their dreams.

Ru hits the runway in a stunning pink and lime green ensemble. She’s joined by Michelle, TS Madison (yay), and guest judge Kelsea Ballerini. Q and Luna hit the runway first with a “monster clown” look. It’s colorful and slightly chaotic and I love it. Morphine and La Tina come out n long, sequined gowns, Morphine in red and La Tina in gold. La Tina is definitely a “Bodybuilder Barbie” in this look.

Nymphia and Juanita serve birds of a feather in stunning looks – Nymphia in yellow (of course) and Juanita in violet. Sapphira and Shakira are both in orange – Sapphira in a dress with a voluminous skirt and Shakira in a Mackie-esque fringed bodysuit. They went the stage mother/showgirl route. I loved the hair, but I didn’t see the connection. Lastly, Jane and Lazy Susan (and when Ru said her name, she immediately began laughing again) came out in matching yellow superhero outfits (Jane described them as “Bumblebee from Transformers”) along with matching pads, boobs, and long ponytails.

When it came to the breakout dance moments (to the tune of Ru’s song “Super Queen”), all of the queens (both old and new) burned up the stage. It was definitely the best makeover runways we’ve ever seen on the show.

The judges found Q to be cute and chaotic, Morphine and La Tina had great chemistry but the looks were too simple, Nymphia and Juanita were joyful and cute, but Michelle wished that Nymphia would have worn the violet look, so she could “see herself” in her drag sister. Sapphira suffered from a lack of family resemblance, and when Ru wasn’t cackling over the name, she loved Jane and Susan from outfits to choreography.    

Not surprisingly, Jane was the week’s big winner. Sapphira and Morphine landed in the bottom and had to lip sync to Kelsea’s song “Miss Me More.” Sapphira started slowly but pulled out all the stops, flipping and doing the splits. Morphine came out hot and gave it her all, eating up the stage. In the end, Morphine was the queen sent home (I am sure Ru was looking at track records, but as much as I adore Sapphira, I thought Morphine won the lip sync.) We are now down to the top four. Who is heading to the finale? We’ll find out next week!


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