It’s been ages—okay, decades—since brooches were an it-accessory, but guess what? They’re making a major comeback. 

Designers are getting creative, putting a modern twist on this timeless piece, and suddenly, brooches are the talk of the town again.

While the brooch was once reserved for your granny’s jewellery stash and the lavish brooch collection of the British Royals (Queen Elizabeth II is rumoured to have owned nearly 100) fashion is a merry-go-round: what’s old always becomes new again. 

“The brooch was always underrated but now everyone loves a brooch,” explains vintage jewellery brand founder and creative director Susan Caplan, “Brooches sort of equate to propriety and polish, So I think when people see them on these TV dramas like Bridgerton and The Crown I think people just want to emulate that and wear them.”

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Brooches, like this one spotted outside Stella McCartney's AW24 show, were one of the key street style trends that emerged from Fashion Month© Claudio Lavenia
Brooches, like this one spotted outside Stella McCartney’s AW24 show, were one of the key street style trends that emerged from Fashion Month

Brooches are the ultimate comeback kid. These pieces started as mere clothing fasteners but quickly turned into the go-to for making a style statement in the 1500s. Fast forward to SS24, and brooches are yet again stealing the spotlight on runways, red carpets and with the street style set. 

“Brooches are definitely making a comeback, we could see them all over the catwalk. Brands like Armani, Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera all featured them in their catwalk shows,” says renowned stylist Harriet Nicholson, “I think people are really leaning away from quiet luxury and into maximalism again which is quite refreshing.”

The latest fashion shows were a feast for the eyes with brooches in every shape and size. Chanel brought out the big guns with camellias that seemed to bloom right off the outfits. Erdem’s showstopper was a glitzy gold dragonfly that looked like it was about to take flight. Meanwhile Schiaparelli’s Daniel Roseberry has been a consistent champion of the brooch ever since joining the surrealist maison. 

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Nicky Hilton was seen outside Schiaparelli show wearing one of the label's signature brooches© Jeremy Moeller
Nicky Hilton was seen outside Schiaparelli show wearing one of the label’s signature brooches

“Lots of people have brooches in old jewellery boxes handed down from their grandmas,” explains Harriet, “You can buy them vintage. So that also plays into our desire for re-wearing things.”

This past fashion month, the pavements were a Runway of their own with fashionistas getting inventive with brooches—pinning them on everything from blazers to scarves. Making it crystal clear: brooches aren’t just for the bottom of our jewellery boxes anymore. 

So how do you wear a brooch?

According to Harriet, the brooch is the ultimate accessory, “You can jazz up any boring outfit instantly and take it from day to night.” Clearly the brooch is endlessly versatile, “You can put them on a handbag, you can wear it in your hair carefully,” says Susan Caplan. It also can be worn as a pendant, “You just get a chain and you put it through the pin part.”

As for wearing brooches with clothing, the opportunities are equally abundant Susan tells us, “You don’t just need to wear it where everyone used to wear it, on a lapel. If you wear it much higher, it really can look fabulous. I style it on the shoulder.” For styling it for everyday the jeweller suggests fasting it to “the top part of the polo neck, It looks fabulous just sitting at the side.”


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