At the centre of some of the most viral Makeup trends you’ll always find blush in some form. Whether it’s a rosy flush to enhance a cold-girl aesthetic, a bronzed tint for an espresso-inspired look or a dewy finish for a glazed blush moment – in our opinion, it always steals the show. 

While it can be a great way to add dimension to your look, so many people shy away from pinky pigments from fear of looking overly-rosy. 

To help you master the art of getting a flattering flush, we spoke to none other than Sir John, Beyoncé’s very own makeup artist, to find out his tips and tricks to make it work for you…

Sir John, why do you think some people shy away from wearing blush?

“People can shy away from blush for a number of reasons. Some feel as though it’s outdated which is the furthest from the truth. It adds a warmth and a youthful touch to the face and acts as a sign of inner wellness.”

What are some of the biggest stumbling blocks people face when it comes to application?

“Knowing proper product placement. Are you familiar with the shape of your face? Your cheekbones give you direction on where you should apply blush. Wherever you see the most volume is considered the apple of your cheeks. Start to apply the most minimal amount of blush and then build up.”

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What would you say to people that feel like they can’t wear blush?

“It’s not a question of who can wear blush but how much should one wear. Blush like all forms of makeup is for everyone. However, you should pay attention to what best suits your complexion, skin type and facial structure.”

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Perfecting a flattering flush is all about placement

What are the key differences between powder, cream and tint blushes and do you have a preference?

“If you have oily skin, powder blush works great because it absorbs excess oil and can last longer. Liquid blushes are great for dry skin. Liquid is more pigmented but you can sheer them down with moisturiser or foundation if needed. Creme blushes are my favourite because it’s the best of both worlds. They offer a beautiful radiance to the complexion that is super modern and they are great for beginners.”

What is your favourite placement for blush?

“I like to start at the apple of the cheeks and go for a draped look. It elongates the face and gives it more structure.”

How can you make your blush last throughout the day?

“Preparation is key. Make sure your face is moisturised and use at least a light layer of primer and foundation. This serves as an adhesive for the blush.”


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