PREVIEW: SHAB x Fat Joe – ‘Voodoo’

SHAB and Fat Joe team up for the release of the new instant hit single ‘Voodoo’ out on August 11th.


Do you remember the iconic hit single ‘Lean Back’ by Fat Joe and Terror Squad? Of course, you do! It’s been two decades, and it’s still a timeless classic. Now, get ready to experience a modernised version that will blow your mind! SHAB, the talented artist known for her beautiful vocals and unique flair, has taken ‘Lean Back’ to a whole new level in her latest single ‘Voodo’, infusing it with a delightful Persian spice.


Not only is SHAB about to deliver what is arguably her best track of the year, she has only gone and got Fat Joe himself to be a part of the single. The legendary rapper features heavily on the track, as Fat Joe joins forces with SHAB to create not just an outstanding single but an accompanying music video as well!


It all comes out on Friday, August the 11th, so don’t miss it! But for now, check out this small teaser from the pair:


And if you have missed SHAB’s latest releases, make sure you check those out below:

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