C-Murder Thanks Kim K. For Advocating For A New Trial

Master P’s brother, Corey ‘C-Murder’ Miller, took to Instagram to give thanks to Kim Kardashian as she continues to petition for his release via social media.

kim kardashian x c-murder (corey miller)

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Police arrested the rapper for the beating and murder of a 16-year-old boy in 2002. He received a highly controversial and contested life sentence in 2009.

Kim K. posted an endearing plea on Thursday to her 363 million followers. She implored them to “repost” if they “agree” the No-Limit artist should have a new “day in court.” The reality star also shared details about her knowledge of the trial as she desired to  “shed some light on a case” she studied “for years.”

The 42-year-old began a series of posts in her IG story:

“Corey Miller has spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and his conviction is based entirely on the testimony of two men, whom the State dragged to trial just on material witness warrants…”

The mom of four shared that the witnesses have never “sworn that their prior testimony is untrue.” Kimberly noted there is “no remaining evidence” to prove C-Murder is the perpetrator behind teenager Steve Thomas’ death.

The SKIMS CEO contended Miller’s case was “mishandled” due to the harassment of witnesses and inadequate legal counsel.

“The lead detective harassed multiple witnesses and mishandled the case to such a degree that the trial court had no choice but to grant Mr. Miller a new trial after he was convicted in 2003.”

Additionally, the KKW fragrance founder revealed C-Murder’s attorney “attempted to withdraw and complained he had not been paid in years” at the start of his 2009 trial. The judge presiding over Corey’s murder case ultimately denied the lawyer’s request. Kim contends this put the Nola native’s life in the hands of “an attorney who made no effort to call favorable witnesses to testify.”

Furthermore, the billionaire called out the biased trial testimony. The jury only heard two eventually recanted testimonies and never the “five defense witnesses” declaring C-Murder’s innocence.

The jury returned with a 10-2 verdict. However, one juror admitted she voted “guilty under duress,” with pressure to switch to “guilty.” Despite the discrepancies, they convicted C-Murder on all charges.

Check out C-Murder’s response to Kim Kardashian advocating for him after the flip!

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