50 Cent Gets Honest About The Difference Between Curtis And 50

The Men’s Health “Hip Hop Is Life” issue is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

50 Cent For Men's Health

Source: Shayan Asgharnia / GQ

Our friends over at Men’s Health just sent us a video interview with 50 Cent that was part of his feature that left us in tears from laughing so hard at some of the things he said, as well as with even more respect for his work ethic and intelligence with other comments he made.

Check out a few of our favorite quotes from the <a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a44725265/50-cent-career-hip-hop-50/” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Men’s Health interview below:

On what makes Helen Mirren so sexy:

“She’s sexy. She’ll look at you and you go ‘Oh sh*t.’ I don’t care how old she get. I don’t give a f*ck what nobody says. She’s sexy. Her husband is just right there with her, and he just go, like ‘Ah yeah, that’s just what she does.’ But he notices what you notice. That she’s sexy. It’s her confidence, it’s everything she is for all of these years. She’s gonna be sexy forever.”

We just love that 50 Cent and Helen Mirren are linked like this — and that he can appreciate beauty and sex appeal beyond what some people’s narrow definition might be!

On why buying Mike Tyson’s house, which he eventually sold:

“When you make 38 million dollars if you don’t spend it, the IRS is just coming to take it anyway….I sold it and gave the proceeds to charity.”

He has a point about how the taxman cometh! But also how dope that he gave his profit to charity?! We love that.

On the energy around him as a new artist:

“You know what, 2003 was so much fun. There was so much energy around me as a new artist. That you can’t recreate. You might get a second chance at some things, but never a first impression.”

On what changed for him between 2003 and 2005:

“I think between 2003 and 2005, that I’ve seen a version of every kind of vagina out there….I came being a guy who would have what he could have, not what he wants. And then when it shifts so fast…You’re not prepared for it, you’re so excited, you’re going ‘Me?” And you just have the greatest time of your life. Now look, in 2005 you start feelin’ like you hot. So all of a sudden, you have transformed…And now you think you’re so hot that you’re runnin’ from the girls, the after party is not happening in your hotel room anymore, ‘cause you had this newfound value for yourself, That you’re running to be in a room by yourself. And that period was the period that I actually was going through contracts and kinda’ learnin’ what I committed to.”

The honesty is just — so real it’s hilarious.

On the differences between 50 Cent and Curtis Jackson:

“50 Cent is definitely not as smart as Curtis…Some of the stuff said in the records is to keep up with the tones of the culture. It matches the early stages and thought process at that point, with a lack of a lot of information. So, I had to dumb it down to do it, and this is why I don’t do it as often as I did in the very beginning. I could, really, do what I been doing, sustain it and continue going, but it would damage my ability to do the things that I wanted to do going forward. Because they would believe that I just made the choice and I’m actively going in that direction. And it would be hard to make people comfortable and have them feel safe with the things that I’m doing now, at the moment in film and television. So it was an easy choice for me to try and evolve and do some different stuff.”

We love that he was open enough to break it down like that because some artists would never want to admit that their musical persona is so different from who they are in real life. We respect him so much for that!

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