If you are already dating a nurse, then you are definitely among the lucky ones. You’ve got yourself a partner who provides care and comfort to those most in need of it, and do it with a smile on their face, no matter no challenging the circumstances. That’s because they do their job with the utmost love, care, and patience. They have a heart that never hardens and they bring comfort, warmth, and protection. The pros exceed the cons when wondering if you should date a nurse.

Well, they can be very busy at times but they can course through difficult situations with ease because their job trains them to be that way. They may not spend quality time with you every day but they are dedicated, hardworking, and compassionate toward strangers. Imagine how much they will adore you once they fall in love with you! If you just met an ER nurse and want to know what it will be like to date them, scroll down and read along.

13 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Nurse

There are many advantages and disadvantages of dating a nurse. Let’s take a look at some of them and also find out what it’s like to have them as your significant other.

1. They could be busier than you 

This one’s a no-brainer. Nurses have extremely erratic schedules, considering they are busy saving people’s lives. It’s even busier for night shift nurses who abandon their sleep to take care of the sick. Don’t expect quick replies from a night nurse and don’t plan any overnight trips, impromptu holidays, dinner dates, or vacations without consulting with them about their schedules.

To put into perspective how busy their schedules can be, here is what a user on Reddit shared, “Yes….they are that busy. Doctors, single nurses, and most hospital staff can’t stop to reply to texts in the middle of a shift. If they are lucky, at some point during their 12-to-24-hour shifts, they might get 15 to 20 minutes to go to the bathroom and eat, sometimes simultaneously. That time needs to be used to take care of themselves. This is their life. It’s not likely going to change anytime soon unless they move to private practice. Your choices are to either accept it or not.” 

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2. They will always be kind to you 

You will never meet anyone kinder and more compassionate than a nurse. They are trained to be so at nursing school. If you date them, they will make sure they understand your perspective and pain because they are used to hearing patients talk about their suffering.

Besides, they will never invalidate your feelings. If that makes you want to go out with one, then there are many dating sites for healthcare workers that you could sign up on. Once you find a match, try to impress them by being kind, compassionate, and altruistic. 

3. They may prioritize their job over spending time with you 

This is one of the disadvantages of dating a nurse – their work comes first, always and every time, because the stakes are literally life and death. Some of the stress from their workplace experiences can spill over to their personal life, and when their loved ones fail to recognize this, it can negatively impact their personal life. Even research has regarded a nurse’s role as stress-filled based on the physical labor, human suffering, work hours, staffing, and difficulty in managing interpersonal relationships.

If you are dating a night nurse, you just have to be understanding of their workload and pressure. Whenever you get time to meet them, don’t bicker about the fact that you aren’t their priority. Just spend quality time together and make the most of those shared moments.

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4. They will always care for you and look after you 

Nurses are inherently caring. They comfort patients suffering from pain and illnesses. They also lend a shoulder and provide comfort to the patients’ families who are going through difficult times. If you are dating a nurse, you’ve hit the jackpot because when you fall sick, they will always be there to take care of you. Plus, it saves you a trip to the doctor’s because they already know which medication to give you. 

Show the same care in return by doing things like:

  • Taking care of them when they fall sick
  • Checking up on their mental health daily
  • Dropping by their hospital and surprising them with flowers and brownies 
  • Going on a picnic or watching a movie together on weekends or whenever they have off

5. They won’t betray you 

It can be a little difficult to keep up with a night shift nurse considering the two of you have different schedules. When you are sleeping, they are working, and vice versa. This can give rise to mistrust and suspicion. But don’t give in to your suspicion. Night nurses spend most of their time at the hospital with their patients and coworkers.

They deal with the pain of loss every day, which makes them even more empathetic. Hence, there are fewer chances of them cheating on you. Having said that, life is full of temptations. You can’t fully dismiss the idea of infidelity. But the odds of them purposefully hurting you are minimal if they sincerely love you and don’t want to lose you. 

6. They have a strong stomach 

ER nurses are courageous and have strong stomachs. They have seen all kinds of grisly sights. They know how to cope with foul odors and unsettling visuals without losing their composure. If you are an adventurous person, dating a nurse may work well for you because they won’t shy away from going on fun-filled adventures. Go ahead, sign up on some dating sites for healthcare workers, and find your perfect match. 

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7. They will offer their wisdom when you most need it 

A nurse dating you will enrich your life in ways more than one because they are full of intelligence and wisdom. You can learn something new from them every day and their knowledge isn’t limited to anatomy. They are just as well-versed in human emotions as well. They are experienced in handling nervous patients. They are skilled at consoling people who have lost their loved ones.

In simple words, they can read the room and act accordingly. Whether you’re dating a night nurse or one who works the ER during day time, you are among the lucky ones because you get to learn so much about the human mind and body from your partner. 

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8. They will be your savior when you are stuck in a difficult situation 

Most people don’t know this but nurses are great at solving problems because they think creatively and ask the right questions. They can look at things from your perspective and come up with solutions to tackle obstacles and relationship problems, no matter how big or daunting. This can be a win-win situation for you if you want to date a nurse. If you and your partner are quarreling and find yourselves facing a difficult situation, you can count on them to work through it skillfully. 

9. They are resilient 

According to research, nurse resilience contains a complex and dynamic process that changes over time and according to the situation. It embodies not only personal attributes but also external resources and describes a nurse’s ability to adapt positively to stress and adversity. That’s how they stay positive even in the face of hardships. 

Nursing students learn to practice self-care and regularly journal their feelings to control their emotions from the beginning of their careers. They know it’s not good to bottle up feelings. Rest assured, if you are in a relationship with a nurse, their strength of character will drive you to become a better person.

10. They appreciate all the little things you do for them 

Nurses are just like other human beings. Even they love to be adored, admired, and appreciated. You can make them feel loved and valued by doing little things like cooking for them and showing up on time. You have to respect their time because they have abandoned their sleep to meet you since they spend sleepless nights at the hospital. 

Some other such things you can do include:

  • Dropping a text every now and then without expecting them to reply quickly 
  • Use words of affirmation to remind them how smart and beautiful they are 
  • Give them a massage after a long day at work

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11. They will listen to all your blues and woes

Active listening is an essential aspect of nursing. It is also one of the best qualities to have in a romantic partner. Nurses listen to the patients to find out what exactly is bothering them. Similarly, they will put their phone down and listen to you when you speak your heart out. In addition to that, your feelings and thoughts will also be validated. 

If you are one of the cops dating a nurse and don’t know how to be a good listener (or just a person who doesn’t excel at active listening that your nurse partner seems to have mastered), here are some tips to become a good listener:

  • Don’t interrupt them when they are talking 
  • Listen without judging them 
  • Don’t start planning what to say next while they are speaking
  • Try to put yourself in their shoes
  • Don’t force your thoughts and opinions on them

12. They are good at communicating

Nurses are good at communicating because they are used to talking to their patients in a calm and respectable manner. They are trusted by others and can read body language as well. This means, with a nurse dating you, you don’t have to worry about communication gaps and misunderstandings. 

They will freely express their thoughts when they are with the person they love and trust the most. Besides, they are easily approachable. So, you can spill your heart out to them without worrying about judgment or ridicule.

13. You must let them have their alone time 

It’s not easy being a nurse and striking a work-life balance. Besides managing personal relationships, they also have to take care of their mental health and physical well-being. They can’t let their job consume them lest they find themselves staring down the burnout barrel.

According to a survey, almost 62% of nurses experience burnout. It is even more common among young nurses (under the age of 25). That’s why it’s crucial that they spend time alone doing the things they love. You can’t force them to ditch their me-time and make you their top priority. Respect their choices and they will love you forever. 

Why Are Nurses The Best To Date?

Dating a nurse is like winning the lottery. They are the best to date and fall in love with because:

  • They follow a healthy lifestyle and they will encourage you to do so as well
  • They are both physically and mentally strong
  • They are flexible and trustworthy 
  • They know when to leave you alone and when to shower you with love and happiness
  • They are thoughtful, considerate, and kind 
  • They won’t easily give up on you 

Key Pointers

  • Nurses are the best people to date because they are good at communicating and listening
  • Nurses tend to be compassionate, kind, and empathetic toward others
  • Don’t force them to respond to your calls and texts immediately because they are busy people. You have to be patient with them

The two of you will have fights just like any other couple. The difference here is that you have a problem-solver as your partner. Their sense of humor will keep things light when there is a new lot of tension between the two of you. They will light up your world and they will give their all without expecting anything in return.


1. Is it hard to date a nurse?

It can be a little challenging to date a nurse because they have a demanding job. But once you learn how to adjust to their schedule and workload, you will learn it’s quite easy to date a nurse!

2. What is it like being married to a nurse?

They work long hours and won’t make it home for dinner every night. They will have to pull through night shifts without your presence. However, they will take care of you and will make you feel good about yourself.

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