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Fruit is proof that the Universe loves us. It’s almost too perfect that sweet and juicy treats grow from the earth, as though we were destined to have dessert. If you’re eating as much fruit as I am now that the lingering summer heat is here to stay, it’s time to discuss which fruit matches each zodiac sign’s natural flavor. Are you on the sweet or sour side? Let’s find out.

It’s no secret that fruits are good for us on a spiritual and physical level. According to Harvard School of Public Health, eating fruit every day “can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check.” Aside from the obvious health benefits, the fact that they seem to burst in your mouth and haunt you with their mysterious notes and thrilling essences makes you feel alive. There’s nothing better than biting into a plump, juicy fruit on a hot day, as it will both satisfy and rehydrate you without causing your energy levels to crash.

Everyone has their own flavor; their own taste, aroma, and zing, if you will. There’s a fruit out there that can describe your personality, the metaphorical elements of your life, and your idea of indulgence. And before you start feeling like this is all squeeze and no juice, here’s the fruit that captures each zodiac sign:

The Fruit That Describes Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: You’re the Pineapple

Like the pineapple, you have a tendency to steal the show. It towers above all other fruits (and arguably tastes better than them too). You’re ruled by warrior Mars, which can often come across as prickly and unapproachable at first. However, once they get beyond your guarded surface, people are often shocked to discover how sweet you really are.


Taurus: You’re the Grape

You and grapes have a lot in common. You’re both incredible sensual, luxurious, and romantic, which is why you know you’ve fantasized about a lover feeding you grapes at some point or another. Grapes are also used to make wine, which is exactly your vibe. Everyone knows Taurus loves to wind down and relax with a glass of any of the varieties. You are ruled by pleasure-oriented Venus, after all.


Gemini: You’re the Orange

You’re a connoisseur of sweet and sour flavors, as it reflects your dual-sided nature. You know you can’t resist he joy of peeling an orange and getting your hands all sticky before taking your first juicy bite. Not only do citrusy flavors capture your cheery disposition, but their bold and awakening flavors gets your creative juices flowing. An orange always leaves you feeling energized and what Gemini doesn’t want that?


Cancer: You’re the Peach

Your nurturing and caring personality could only be described as peaches ‘n cream. This fruit is soft as velvet on the outside, reflecting your soothing nature. Like the peach, you taste sweet with a hint of sour, but that core you don’t expect to bite into perfectly captures your protective nature. People have a tendency to mistake your kindness for weakness, just like the peach.


Leo: You’re the Mango

You’re ruled by the sun and you reign during summer. The only fruit that could really do a Leo justice is the plumpest mango in the produce section. And if juice isn’t dribbling down your chin when you bite into it, are you even really enjoying it? The mango reminds us all to kick back, relax, and have a good time—just like you do, Leo.


Virgo: You’re the Apple

You’re clean eating royalty, Virgo. You’re literally the zodiac sign of health and wellness, which is why you probably know all about how an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This pristine fruit is perfect for picking, giving you something to do when the summer ends and fall begins. It’s also the fruit that’s symbolically tied to purity and fertility, which is exactly what a Virgo represents.


Libra: You’re the Strawberry

Did you know that feeding your love chocolate-covered strawberries is a love spell? Of course you do, Libra. You’re the zodiac sign of romance and Relationships, after all. And if you haven’t thought about your crush while eating these heart-shaped fruits that inspired the most popular candy flavor of all time, are you even a Libra? Whether it’s big or small, biting into a strawberry makes you want to fall.


Scorpio: You’re the Pomegranate

You’re passionate, intense, and a little possessive, Scorpio. That’s why you could only be represented by the gorgeous and detoxifying pomegranate. This bejeweled fruit is associated with contracts—just like Scorpio—as it was after eating six pomegranate seeds that Hades was able to trap his beloved Persephone in the Underworld for six months out of the year. If that’s not symbolism for Scorpio, I don’t know what is.


Sagittarius: You’re the Banana

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter—planet of joy, luck, and abundance—while bananas are literally proven to make you happier. You probably know all about the way eating a banana can lift your mood, especially when you’re hangry and you don’t know when your next meal is gonna be. You’re also a philosopher at heart, which is why you always love peeling back the surface and seeing what’s inside.


Capricorn: You’re the Cherry

Although cherries are undeniably delectable and sweet, there’s also something dark and mysterious about them that a Capricorn can relate to. You could be eating a bowl of cherries on your front porch during a summers day or you could be sipping on a bitter manhattan before biting into a maraschino. However, eating a cherry involves some grit, as you always have to deal with the pit. You’re up for the challenge, Capricorn.


Aquarius: You’re the Avocado

Like the avocado, people either love you or hate you. Aquarius is known for having a controversial personality that can attract fierce admirers or passionate haters. Avocados deal with the same thing, as the people who love them can’t get enough of their creamy goodness and the rest can’t stand the texture. Either way, you’re social and community-oriented at heart, which is why you love the way avocado becomes guacamole dip to be shared with all.


Pisces: You’re the Watermelon

You’re the most watery water sign who ever lived, Pisces. You’re literally made from mutable water, giving you an infinite number of emotions and imaginations. The watermelon is the most rehydrating fruit of all, which is exactly why you align with its frequency. You’re also the zodiac sign of immortality and you’ll love the way watermelon contains the most lycopene of any fruit, which has anti-cancer properties. You’re also an incredibly giving zodiac sign and a watermelon is more than enough to feed the group.

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