YouTube star Annabelle Ham didn’t let epilepsy define her.

In fact, the 22-year-old “refused to let it control her life and always lived life on her terms” before her devastating death, according to her loved ones.

“Annabelle’s spirit shone like a beacon of kindness and compassion, lighting up the lives of everyone around her,” read a GoFundMe cmpaign set up in her honor and shared by the influencer’s sister Amelia Ham on Instagram Story. “She could illuminate a room like no one else. Annabelle was always sensitive to everyone’s needs and would often embody a dancer, a singer, the life of the party, an encourager, or a shoulder to cry on for those who needed it.”

However, per the description, Annabelle’s journey “included a specific type of epilepsy she struggled with for years.”

“Annabelle was an inspiration to us all,” the page continued, “to enjoy life every day, make friends whenever possible, and always have a good time.”


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